Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's time to mount a massive assault on the bogus "Palestinian" narrative.

From JPost, 16 Oct 2015, by Martin Sherman:

...Israel was not established to be another multi-ethnic, multi-cultural liberal democracy.

It was established to be the nation state of the Jewish people, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, to give expression to the “natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate... in their own sovereign state”; and in the words of the national anthem, to fulfill a “hope two thousand years old, To be a free nation in our land, The land of Zion...”

To make the claim that the Jewish nature of the state and Jewish exclusivity over sovereignty is not the overriding hallmark of Israel – indeed its raison d’etre – is in effect to egregiously defraud, on a historic scale, all those who contributed, toiled and sacrificed to found, develop and defend the State of Israel as envisioned in its founding documents.

It is particularly egregious toward those, who, of their own volition, left other more affluent, comfortable and secure multi-ethnic, multi-cultural democracies, to make Israel their home, and to live under what was alleged to be Jewish sovereignty.

...the first step in formulating an effective policy to contend with emerging realities is to realize that the current clash is not about individual rights but collective rights.

The Jews’ collective rights to national sovereignty is under assault by a rival collective – the Arabs.

If the Jews do not prevail in that struggle, not only will they lose their rights to self-determination as a collective, but the individual rights of all the inhabitants of Israel (Jews and non-Jews alike) will be gravely jeopardized.

...Accordingly, Israel must impose a choice on its Arab citizens: to decide whether they wish to be part of [Israel] a developed, post-industrial society in which they enjoy the civic freedoms and benefits it bestows on them, or [to be part of an alternative] national identity, inherently inimical to their country of residence.  
They cannot do both.

It must be clear that
  • they cannot make demands to replace the founding ethos of the state with a competing ethos of its enemies; 
  • they cannot supplant the existing edifice of national symbolism and ceremony with one that conforms to that of states that strive to eliminate their own; 
  • they cannot continue to exploit the democratic freedoms the Jewish state extends them, to demolish the Jewish state. 
  • Arab MKs do not have a “democratic” right to fraternize with the enemy, much less to call for their kinfolk to rise against their state or it citizens.

Israeli Arabs must either throw their lot in with their county of residence or seek residence elsewhere...

Root of all evil
The origin of much, if not all of Israel’s woes can be traced to the bitter fruits of the Oslo process, when Israel accepted the legitimacy of Palestinian statehood, until then considered an almost treasonous anathema by virtually all Zionist factions.

Acquiescence to Palestinian Arab demands for recognition as an authentic national entity, with valid claims for a sovereign state of their own, west of the Jordan, has put Israel in an untenable position.
For the only way to prevent the strategically crucial territory of Judea-Samaria, earmarked for such a state, falling to radical jihadists, is for Israel to maintain control over it, thus precluding the establishment of the state that Israel has committed itself to. endorsing the bogus Palestinian narrative, Israel has by its own hand sown the foundation for both the myth of occupation and the seeds of insurrection by Arab Israelis, and for international opprobrium and the ensuing campaign of delegitimization.

What must be done first is to mount a massive assault on the legitimacy of the Palestinian narrative.

For unless that narrative is delegitimized, even if the current flames are lowered for a while, they will erupt again and again and again.

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