Sunday, October 18, 2015

Abbas: Liar

From Israel Hayom, 16 Oct 2015, by Boaz Bismuth:

...Abbas has revealed his true face with the current wave of terrorism against Israeli civilians. By any sober assessment, the gambit taken by this "moderate" and "wonderful" man is political suicide and terrible for his image. But in the Palestinian reality -- past and present -- Abbas is doing precisely what is expected of him, by the Palestinian leadership and street alike.

This perhaps explains his conduct, from the beginning of the current wave of violence up to this most recent trend of stabbings. He first engaged in a campaign of vilification against the Jews, explaining how our "filthy feet" were desecrating the Temple Mount. 

Then he graduated to outright incitement to violence and lies.

In his speech of lies on Wednesday, Abbas accused Israel of executing a 13-year-old Palestinian boy in cold blood. Incidentally, this boy-terrorist, from the attack in Pisgat Zeev, is alive, kicking, breathing, and eating in an Israeli hospital. The only thing this young terrorist could perhaps complain about is that his meals come with a fork but no knife. Were it not for his deliberate lie, maybe Abbas would have believed the child rose from the dead.

So why is Abbas lying? Perhaps Pinocchio was his childhood hero? 

...he is lying because this has always been his way. Has anyone forgotten his doctoral thesis, which was also based on a lie? 

The young Holocaust denier is now the old terrorism denier. The man is a chronic liar. 

Truth be told, we never expected much of Abbas. True, he did manage to win the support of a small but loud Israeli chorus, but anyone who followed heard him persistently reject the idea of a Jewish state; saw him flee from the room when former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert handed him the map of Israeli concessions; and then not only object but outright negate any possibility of Jews continuing to live in the areas to be handed over to the Palestinians. According to Abbas, however, the Israelis are the racists.

...Perhaps with his comments on Wednesday, Abbas tried creating another Muhammad al-Dura, one more story of a brave boy becoming a shahid. To become a shahid, however, one first has to be dead.

These are difficult days for all Israelis. But let one thing be clear: We are in the right! And therefore we will win, despite the lies.
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