Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Jews are just an excuse

From Israel Hayom, 8 Jan 2015, by Dan Margalit:

.... The Jews are just an excuse. ... in the past it was the Nazis, now extremist Muslims [want to] enslave all of humanity and crush human dignity and liberty.

A lot of French people, and others, believed that Islamic State and al-Qaida terrorists would only target places like the Jewish school Toulouse or the Jewish museum in Brussels. But as it turns out, that is not the case. ...

... it is radical Islam against Western culture, Christianity and, of course, the Jews. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right to declare that "all the free countries and all the civilized societies have to band together to fight this scourge." But nothing will come of it, because there will always be nations and governments that believe that if they only sacrifice the Jews they can achieve peace for themselves. But they would be deluding themselves. 

It is safe to assume, even now, a day after the terrible tragedy in Paris, that many in France would still insist that if only there were no Jews in France, the tension with radical Islamists would not have become as murderous. In any case, they will say, it is all because of the Jewish occupation. 

There are even Jews who believe that. Even Israeli Jews. ...Certain Jews have been influenced by cosmopolitan Europeans and they don't understand that in a crisis, the cosmopolitan Europeans will not hesitate to turn on them. 

....But in one respect, the Jews are better off than their hosts: The Jews have a homeland to which they can return.... Where will the Dutch, Belgians, Germans and Swedes flee when the ISIS death seeds planted in the European hothouse grow out of control? ...

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