Friday, July 25, 2014

Israel faced the greatest danger to its existence since the War of Independence.

by Guy Alony (Translated from the Hebrew)

The three kidnapped and murdered Israeli youths, in their deaths, saved Israel.

Dozens of offensive tunnels that end inside cities in the south of Israel, are not tunnels of terror, they are an infrastructure for land occupation. If we had not surprised ourselves by our sharp response to the abduction of the youths, then Hamas, at a time suitable to them, would have sent in thousands of terrorists via the tunnels to conquer cities and military posts, and thousands of terrorists dressed up as Israeli soldiers, would have slaughtered, captured and kidnapped civilians, while the IDF would not have time to organize and respond. At the same time they would have fired hundreds or thousands of missiles into the center of the country, paralyzing any possible organization against the invasion.

Why did they wait?
Maybe for a rainy day, but apparently for the recovery of Hizballah, in order to organize a combined military and missile offensive with Hizbullah from the north...and maybe they were also waiting for Hizbullah to dig  tunnels from Lebanon to reach Israel’s northern cities…

In Israel in such a scenario, there would be tens of thousands of fatalities, the paralysis of transport and communications systems and a need to establish local defenses for protection in neighborhoods and in the streets. And this is assuming that the Arabs in the Yehuda and Shomron regions, and a part of the Israeli Arabs, did not join in the battle. The counteroffensives of our Air Force would not help of course, when all the terrorists are in the tunnels underground laughing all the way to Jerusalem. In the best scenario, International forces would enter in order to demilitarize the country. Every dream of the Jewish state would disintegrate for another thousand years.

We were saved by two things which the enemy did not believe would happen, because even we did not believe it...they did not believe that the abduction of the three youths would unite the people of Israel in a such a way that it would lead to the return of the terrorist prisoners to jail, and a willingness for our land forces to enter the hornets’ nest that the enemy built. And they did not believe that Iron Dome actually works.

In the other words all Israelis from the political Left and the Right, underestimated the psychopathic-Islamic rhetoric that calls to conquer Jerusalem, we ignored the resolution of these psychopaths in Iraq and in Syria, and we did not want to understand that they had built a smart military system, strong and in fact perfect and almost errorless, for the crushing of the state of Israel.

We all saw how ten terrorists came out from a tunnel in a matter of minutes.

What prevents two hundred terrorists from coming out of tunnel when ordered, and many thousands from all the tunnels together, including hundreds of commando terrorists landing simultaneously on the beaches, and missiles landing in the center of Israel? The truth is that if we did not have tens of thousands of soldiers in the south at present, nothing could have prevented the next step in the materialization of the Islamic dream to annihilate Israel and march to Jerusalem.

Eyal, Naftali and Gil-ad - in your death you saved the country for us, our freedom and our lives.

Danny Gold, the inventor of the Iron Dome – we wish you long life.

And to all the soldiers – we love and embrace you endlessly.

Have courage and be brave! The entire Jewish nation, the whole world, and more than everyone, most of the Arab states and the sane Moslems, pray for the crushing of these maniacs. Yes, also Abu Mazen. Thanks to the three youths, we caught them with their pants down, at the time and under conditions that are not suitable to them. The country was saved, and now is the time to settle accounts with the murderers, until we have dealt with the last of them.

And one word to the citizens on the home front: when you hear an alarm, go into the shelter and smile. When you hear "booms"- laugh. These noises are the screams of frustration of the psychopaths in Gaza, as their ingenious plan to crush Israel was exposed prematurely. Any damage that happens to us now, is nothing compared to what was planned.

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Unknown said...

Shalom and thank you for this blog! It is excellent and very insightful. Please also thank your English translator! I have posted it on my Facebook and am sending it to several friends. I am not Jewish (my husband is), and I was fortunate to be made an Israeli citizen. I love this nation! Hashem bless you!
-- Deborah