Sunday, July 20, 2014

IDF Works to Destroy 34 Terror Tunnels

From Arutz Sheva, 19 July, by Tova Dvorin:

Five of the tunnels extend deep into Israel, according to IDF; more than 450 terror targets destroyed.

Terror tunnel discovered by IDF soldiers
Terror tunnel discovered by IDF soldiers
Flash 90
As of Saturday night, the IDF has uncovered 34 terror tunnels, including 5 which extend from Gaza far into Israel, the IDF Spokesperson's Office announced Saturday night.
The tunnels have been neutralized and are in the process of being destroyed, it said.
Seventy terrorists have been killed - including 20 on Saturday alone - and an addition 13 were taken into Israeli custody for questioning after surrendering on Friday.
The IDF has attacked more than 450 terrorist targets since the ground offensive was launched. 
Several of the IDF's elite combat forces are currently in Gaza, including the Paratroopers, Nahal, Givati, Tanks, Engineering Corps, and Special Forces. 
Operation Protective Edge was launched twelve days ago to protect Israel from a constant barrage of rocket fire from Gaza.
Since the beginning of the operation, 1,497 rockets have been launched at major Israeli population centers. Of those, 1,093 rockets hit Israel; 301 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. An additional 100 were estimated to have hit Gaza itself, causing an untold number of Palestinian Arab deaths. 
The IDF has attacked over 2,037 terror targets - by ground, by air, and by sea. 

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