Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lebanese Attack was a Planned Ambush

From Ynet News, 4 August 2010, by Smadar Peri:

Journalists and photographers were briefed in advance of the intention to ambush IDF troops and were therefore present at the site of Tuesday's deadly clash between Israeli and Lebanese forces...

The lethal skirmish ensued after IDF forces performing routine operations in a border-area enclave came under Lebanese fire. The Israeli troops fired back, killing three Lebanese soldiers and a local journalist ...Assaf Abu Rahal, worked for Hezbollah-affiliated Beirut daily al-Akhbar. Another journalist, Ali Shuaib from Hezbollah's al-Manar station, was wounded in the incident and was taken to hospital for treatment.

...the presence of journalists and even broadcast trucks at the scene even before the clash ensued ...reinforces suspicions that the incident was a well-planned Lebanese ambush...
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