Saturday, June 19, 2010

A History of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

From SPIEGEL ONLINE, 17 June 2010, by Erich Follath and Holger Stark:
Iranian ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee (right) speaks before the United Nations after the passage of a resolution last Wednesday imposing additional sanctions against Iran.

In the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, the UN Security Council has imposed new sanctions. ...SPIEGEL traces the history of Tehran's nuclear program ...

Read the entire magazine article in seven parts:

Part 1: A History of Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
Part 2: Pinpricks with Little Impact on Berlin
Part 3: How the World's Nuclear Dealer Got His Start
Part 4: 'Arming to Threaten the Peace of the World'
Part 5: 'A Very Dangerous Man'
Part 6: Growing Suspicions of a Weapon Program
Part 7: Israel Secretly Prepares for a Military Strike

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