Monday, June 14, 2010

Hebron shooting attack

From Ynet News, 14 June 2010, by Ali Waked:

Palestinian group vows additional attacks ... says, 'We will not acknowledge any ceasefire'

...A [previously unknown] group ...claimed responsibility for Monday's Hebron shooting attack, in which Command Sergeant Major Yehoshua (Shuki) Sofer was killed, and three other police officers were injured.

The group ...issued a statement ..."Our mujahedeen group in south Hebron ambushed an Israeli police car near Beit Hagai at 7:15 am and opened heavy fire at it ...we will not forsake our weapons as long as the Zionist military is in our lands, and we will not acknowledge any ceasefire."

Command Sergeant Sofer served in the Hebron District Police for 14 years, and planned to wed this September. He was hit by three bullets that were fired at him. Another officer was seriously injured and two others sustained lights wounds in the incident.

...According to estimates, the vehicle was shot by one person or more who was standing at the side of the road and fired the shot[s] at close range.

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Eva61 said...

"previously unknown group" - how many groups are needed?? these guys don't even have accord amongst themselves...