Monday, March 08, 2010

Unless sanctions on Iran have sharp enough teeth, it's doubtful that Iran's program will be stopped

Excerpts from address by PM Netanyahu at Knesset Special Session, 3 Mar 2010 from the MFA website:

...the international community is moving toward sanctions. We're involved in this process and held important meetings with two pivotal members of the Security Council - meetings that were fully transparent and coordinated with the United States. The first one was in Russia and the second in China.

...It's clear that Russia now understands the full significance of Iran's nuclear program, even if it hasn't been stated publicly and officially. In fact, I'm certain about this.

...the last six weeks have seen a better understanding among the international community - certainly among major countries - with respect to the nature of the program and the dangers it poses. I would even say that this is accepted by almost every country in the world, including the Arab countries of the Middle East.

But there's a difference between understanding and action. There's a gap. And this gap will start to close if the international community, by way of the Security Council, imposes sanctions on Iran now. Our position is that Iranian imports of petroleum products, of gas, have to be restricted because their ability to refine petroleum is extremely limited....
The international community is moving toward lower-level sanctions, which are not unimportant, but may not be enough. The only ones proposing the kind of sanctions we're talking about are the US Congress.... But unless those sanctions have sharp enough teeth, it's doubtful that Iran's program will be stopped.
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