Monday, September 21, 2009

Australia ridicules the Goldstone Farce

From Australian Government, House of Representatives Hansard, 17/9/09:

Mr DANBY (Melbourne Ports) (12.43 pm)—

The Goldstone Commission, which has just reported in Geneva, probably will not be discussed much by this parliament, reflecting its lack of credibility and the fact that the Australian government, I am sure, does not take it seriously.

The mandate of this regrettable commission, investigating the divisive problem of the Middle East, has been troubled from the beginning. All of the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, Korea and Japan, refused to be associated with the UN Human Rights Council mandate for this commission because it was so biased. must look at what preceded the Israel army’s action in Gaza. The 8,000 rockets that landed on Israeli southern cities would be the subject as well of any investigation by a genuine humanitarian—any fair-minded person, any fair-minded United Nations organisation....

...One can understand why the Israelis, given the fact that nothing on their side was to be looked at and only what was happening in Gaza was to be looked at, would not cooperate with the mandate at all.

What a very curious humanitarian commission that examines only one side. Most claims were unverifiable... No wonder so many people think some of these UN organizations exist in a parallel universe.

....The resolution to the problems in the Middle East will come when people have considerations for all sides....That is where justice will come from, not from this one-sided report which will only set back prospects of political settlement.

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BraveJeWorld said...

The commissions Report is being held up by its own bootlaces. Its assumes the very thing it is supposed to be investigating and uses this as a basis for its report. Misdirected and a charade for real truth.