Thursday, August 20, 2009

Democrat dissent with Obama

From the Las Vegas Sun, Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009, by Lisa Mascaro:

Washington — On her latest trip to the Middle East, [Democratic Nevada congresswoman] Shelley Berkley ... reiterated her stance that natural population growth should be allowed in West Bank settlements, in direct opposition to President Barack Obama’s stated position.

...Berkley said she feels compelled to speak her mind on Israel, even if it means being critical of the leader of her party. “We just have a disagreement...I support Barack Obama, there’s no question about that. But I also have a responsibility and knowledge of the area. He’s entitled to hear that opinion, too.”

...This isn’t the first time Berkley has asserted pro-Israel views counter to those of the administration.

...AIPAC arranged and funded Berkley’s weeklong trip to Israel, along with a group of 29 elected officials, including Democratic Rep. Dina Titus. The group met with top government officials including the prime minister, defense minister and opposition leader.

...Berkley also was critical of a State Department suggestion that the United States impose sanctions on the Israeli government to halt the growth, calling such talk “beyond the pale.”

Berkley said she and Obama both want the same outcome for the Middle East: peace.

She said in time the new administration will come around to her position. “If this doesn’t work — and I don’t think it will,” she said of the administration’s current approach, “they will change policy, they will change direction.” ...
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