Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iran & Venezuela use oil tankers to manipulate global markets

From World Check, 9 May 2008:

... the governments of ...Iran and ...Venezuela are engaged in a major covert effort .... The Iranian government has leased and engaged the bulk of the available supertankers, and smaller vessels and is storing oil in ten of them in the Persian Gulf, and keeping others idle ....which has resulted in the tripling of the daily charge for tanker use since April, because of a fifty per cent drop in vessel availability during the next thirty days...

.... Is this the functional equivalent of a declaration of economic war against the United States? What will the response be, and when will it occur?

... The Iranian scheme will not only disrupt global markets, it could cause serious economic distress in both North America and Europe. Since we know that the US government is aware of the scheme, it should also be assumed that they have planned an adequate response, whether it be major regulatory sanctions, universal economic sanctions, limited military action, or even general war.

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