Thursday, February 07, 2008

IDF raids Dimona bomber's home in Hebron

From Ynet News, 7/2/08, by Ali Waked:

Soldiers once again pay visit to suicide bomber Mohammed Herbawi family's house in West Bank where they confiscate cell phone and pictures; terrorist's smother praises her son's actions, his sister suffers heart attack

IDF forces raided the home of the one of the perpetrators of the suicide bombing in Dimona, Mohammad Herbawi, in Hebron on Wednesday. The neighborhood of the West Bank town where the raid was carried out is considered a Hamas stronghold.

The soldiers searched the home and questioned neighboring residents. They ordered Palestinian Authority forces in the area to remain inside their headquarters during the operation....

...The troops confiscated Herbawi's cell phone and some of his pictures from the house.

The bomber's mother told the Palestinian press on Wednesday that that she was proud of her son and happy that he joined the lot of other heroic martyrs....

...This is not the first raid of the Herbawi residence. Almost immediately after the attack in Dimona, the IDF arrested the father and brother of the bomber as well as the parents of the second bomber, Shadi Zghayer....

....Hebron residents knew that Herbawi and Zghayer were Hamas members, but most of the residents were surprised to discover that the two were the suicide bombers who carried out the attack which killed one woman and injured dozens.....

Efrat Weiss and Roni Sofer contributed to the story

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Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia condemn the murderers responsible for the homicide bombing in Dimona as well as degenerate perpetuation of the culture of death in Gaza.

Our prayers are with the victims of this atrocity. We send our condolences to their loved ones.

May the homicide bomber rot in hell for eternity. May his accomplices and animals who celebrated this horrendous act join him soon!

Muslims Against Sharia call on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to shut down Al-Hayat al-Jadida, Al-Iyam and Al-Quds as terrorist mouthpieces that glorify homicide bombings. Failing to do so will show that Palestinian Authority's quest for peace is nothing more than empty words.