Wednesday, October 03, 2018

New Israel Fund tries to block deportation of terrorist’s family

From World Israel News,  October 2, 2018:
“It is delusional that the governments of Europe and the New Israel Fund provide legal protection to lowly terrorists,” said the parents of terror victim Shir Hajaj.

New Israel Fund behind effort to block deportation of terrorist’s family
Herzl Hajaj, father of terror victim 
(Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

HaMoked Center for the Defence of the Individual, a New Israel Fund-supported legal group, is assisting relatives of terrorist Fadi al-Qanbar, who murdered four Israeli soldiers in a truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem in January 2017.

The Jerusalem appeals court on Tuesday ruled that al-Kanaber’s relatives, who are not Israeli citizens, be deported. The family is also considered a security threat as some have ties to ISIS, according to state information.

...The Hajaj family submitted a request to be added as respondents to the appeal alongside the government. They are being assisted by Im Tirtzu, a pro-Israel NGO based in Jerusalem.

...First Lieutenant Shir Hajaj, 22, [is] one of the four victims murdered by al-Qanbar during an officer training course at the Haas Promenade in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. 

Also killed were 

  • Lt. Yael Yekutiel, 20, from Givatayim; 
  • Shira Tzur, 20, from Haifa, and 
  • Erez Orbach, 20, from Alon Shvut.

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