Friday, June 08, 2018

University of Sydney Glorifies Terrorism

From The Australian • June 8, 2018, by Richard Ferguson:

Jewish students Janine Joseph, Ben Ezzes and Dana Segall at Sydney University. 
(Source: James Croucher/The Australian).

A female suicide bomber who killed dozens of Israeli soldiers has graced the front cover of a University of Sydney student newspaper, and Jewish students who ­complained about the cover have been “condemned” for ­censorship. 

The AUJS has slammed the controversial cover.

Hamida al-Taher killed more than 50 people, mainly Israeli military personnel, when she blew herself up in Southern Lebanon in 1985. The special edition of the University of Sydney’s student newspaper Honi Soit, produced by the student women’s collective a fortnight ago, put her on the cover and called her a “martyr” in an issue dedicated to the struggle against “Israeli colonisation”.

There are calls for the newspaper to publicly apologise for the covers.

The student queer collective’s edition of Honi Soit on April 16 was criticised for having a picture of a petrol bomb on the cover and supporting a boycott of Israel.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has called for an apology over the covers. ...

The University of Sydney’s ­Student Representative Council ["SRC"] passed a motion, 11 to 10, against AUJS on Wednesday night for complaining about the publication.

“This SRC condemns AUJS for suggesting the university should intervene to censor a student-run publication...This SRC congratulates those who put together the women’s ­edition of Honi for their brave and highly defensible cover depicting a pro-Palestine freedom fighter ­(opposing) the ­illegal Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine.”
Taher was a member of Syria’s Arab Socialist Ba’ath party, which is accused of killing thousands.

SRC women’s officers Madeline Ward and Jessica Syed said ...“...The policy of the University of Sydney SRC and our collective is pro-Palestine.”

The latest Israeli-related stoush at the university comes months after multiple staff members pledged to boycott Israeli universities over the situation in Gaza...

The University of Sydney said it did not condone the cover but would not intervene.

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