Saturday, October 22, 2016

B'Tselem acused of treason

From i24, 21 Oct 2016:

...An activist for Israel's opposition Labour party has filed a police complaint against left-wing human rights organization B'Tselem accusing them of treason after the organization's director criticized Israel's settlement activities in the West Bank before the United Nations last week.

Attorney and Labour activist Yuval Mor Musli submitted the complaint accusing B'Tselem of 'treason' as listed in Israel's criminal code. The complaint alleges that the organization has worked to harm the sovereignty of the State, give land away to a foreign entity, and has taken steps that could cause a war, the Times of Israel reported.

B'Tselem head Hagai El-Ad's testimony at a special meeting of the UN Security Council on Israeli settlements outraged many Israeli lawmakers, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who issued a scathing rebuke of the organization.

Left-wing Zionist Union lawmaker Itzik Shmuli also criticized the group's participation, telling Israel's Channel 2 News that to "rush to biased UN institutions is unhelpful, as it does not advance a solution here in the Middle East [and] it mostly advances the libel and demonization of Israel."

B'Tselem director Hagai El-Ad acused of treason
AFP/Jack Guez

Netanyahu slammed El-Ad, who he said had joined the chorus of smears against Israel," and was trying to obtain through "international compulsion" what his organization has been unable to obtain through democratic elections in Israel....

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