Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ya'alon drops a bombshell in Israel's political scene

Boogie Ya'alon is a great military leader and a valuable national leader. His sudden resignation from the Knesset is a tremendous loss to the nation.

He counsels the nation's leaders to "...navigate using a compass, not a weather vane..." While this emphasises Boogie's very admirable sense of ethics, conviction and determination in his mission, despite populist and external forces, it's advice that suits a military general, but not a political leader. A military leader must pursue his objective, despite all obstacles. His political masters, however, must be more circumspect. The leader of a nation, or captain of a ship, needs BOTH a compass and a weather vane. He must keep sight of both his destination AND of the surrounding storms, if he is to avoid foundering on the rocks. Bibi did what was necessary to widen the coalition and enable stable government.

Furthermore, Boogie's encouragement of IDF officers making political statements is a grave and intolerable error. In a democracy, the military is subordinate to the elected government. Only in dictatorships is politics publicly debated by officers in command of military forces.

At this time, when the nation is under existential threat from enemies near and far, and from misguided friends who would undermine us, the government needs unity and loyalty. Boogie could, and should have stayed on as Foreign Minister.

From Israel Hayom, 20 May 2016:

Ya'alon announces 'timeout from politics,' promises return
Defense minister Moshe Ya'alon announces resignation over "loss of faith" in PM Netanyahu, declares he plans to vie for leadership role in future • Resignation to take effect next week
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon announces his resignation, Friday
Photo credit: AFP
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon announces his resignation, Friday                                                
Photo credit: AFP

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