Monday, May 11, 2015

New Justice Minister will target anti-Israel NGOs

Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s new Justice Minister has said that 

“To boycott Israel because of its policies and because Israel wants to defend itself is not only anti-Zionist... it's 21st century anti-Semitism."  and that boycotting Israel "should be illegal."Shaked criticized those who “call for an academic and economic boycott of Israel and by presenting petitions against Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and heads of the security forces. These organizations enjoy a great deal of power and invest millions of euros in their incitement activity — a sort of a “new anti-Semitism.”
“…foreign states damage Israel’s sovereignty with a heavy hand by funding anti-Israeli — not to mention anti-Semitic — organizations, while Israel stands by unable to respond.”  

She has proposed a bill – similar to America’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) – which will require foreign countries funding projects in Israel to pay taxes and obey disclosure laws. 

“These NGOs cause Israel significant international damage, in general, and to Israeli soldiers, in particular, by helping draft petitions presented to various European courts. One such example is the significant contribution of the Adalah organization to the Goldstone Report — Israel is still dealing with the fallout from that document. Another example is the expert opinion provided by the organization in a petition presented to a Spanish court against senior Israeli defense officials. The proposed bill seeks to curb the ability of foreign entities to influence activities of this kind.” 

J Street has taken upon itself the role of Israel's loudest critic. Among its actions are the leading of a media campaign against the placing of sanctions on Iran by the US Congress; denunciation of the Cast Lead operation and its definition as 'an illegitimate and even criminal operation'; defining the takeover of the Marmara as 'brutal and cruel'; support for the US administration's demand to freeze construction in Jerusalem; pressure on the US administration not to veto the proposal by the Palestinian Authority to denounce Israel for construction in Judea and Samaria and more."

Many of the NGOs Shaked has named are funded by the New Israel Fund, which should be prevented from harming Israel with impunity.
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