Monday, April 06, 2015

Iran a 'terrorist monster' wreaking havoc on the Mideast

From JPost, 4 April 2015:

Defense minister says framework nuclear deal a "huge achievement for Iran and a historic mistake for the West." 

Moshe Yaalon
Moshe Yaalon. 

As an onslaught of condemnation from Israeli officials continued to target  the framework deal reached last week on Iran's nuclear program, 

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Sunday blasted Iran as a "terrorist monster" that creates disorder in the region and around the world. 
"Iran is a terrorist monster that funds, trains and arms organizations and entities to wreak havoc among the pro-Western regimes in the Middle East and around the world, and it has no intention of stopping this," Ya'alon charged. 
He added that the agreement reached Thursday would not pose as an obstacle to Iran, rather it would set the stage for the Islamic Republic to "increase its appetite to spread disarray." 

The defense minister said that the framework agreement between Iran and world powers was "a huge achievement for Iran and a historic mistake for the West."

Meanwhile, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett took to Facebook, posting a list of responses explaining his rejection of the veracity of the text of the initial Iranian nuclear accord.

Bennett summarized his comments by saying the "right course of action is quite simple: Keep the sanctions until Iran gives up their nuclear weapons program. It will take another year, or perhaps five, but it will happen eventually."

The economy minster noted that as a comprehensive deal has not yet been signed, there is still time to stop this "historical error" and "fix the situation."

The ministers' remarks came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier on Sunday took his arguments against the Iran nuclear deal to the US public, giving interviews on three Sunday morning news shows and saying he was not against any deal with Iran, just [against] a “bad deal.” 

However, on Friday the White House said the United States would not sign on to an agreement over Iran's nuclear program that would threaten Israel....

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