Sunday, September 01, 2013

Obama always seems to take the side of the radicals on the Islamic spectrum

From PJ Media, 28 Aug 2013, by J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS:

The Obama administration is on the verge of reducing their whole reason for existence — this time in Syria.
In 2008, Obama ran for president promising an America where race was in the rear-view mirror.  These days, racial issues are crashing through the windshield, in no small measure because of Obama’s rhetoric.
In 2008, Obama capped years of harping about the UN, congressional authorizations of force, and American military hubris with an election win. Swarms of his supporters, particularly the young, bought into the rhetoric of the gentle and restrained America. The absurd “Coexist” bumper sticker had become policy.
In Libya, Obama first revealed himself as an international hypocrite. Congressional authorization for force wasn’t so important now that he was ordering it.
...The oddest thing about this president is that he always seems to take the side of the radicals on the Islamic spectrum — both at home and abroad.
At home, he shoves a radicalized version of civil rights down Americans’ throats, forcing schools to give teachers weeks off for the Haj. 
Abroad, Obama has sided with regimes and factions that are slaughtering Christians and threatening the security of Israel. Some Americans, particularly journalists, avert their eyes to the ominous parallels. Rather than oppose evil, this president seems to lurk in its fringe. Rather than vocally condemning the murder of Catholic priests and the destruction of churches in Syria, this president is about to take the side of the murderers.
Never before has America had a leader like this. He is not the man to be leading the nation in this present darkness.
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