Monday, June 03, 2013

Expecting a war this summer

From ArutzSheva, 2 June 2013, by Ted Berman:
Sooner or later Israel will have to bomb Iran. Better sooner, because Iran is quickly approaching Israel’s red line.
Since intelligence is never precise, why wait til the last minute?
Summer and early fall is the best time to attack because that’s when the sky is the clearest.
Israel is committed to destroying the S-300 missile defense systems should they arrive in Syria.
Close to 5,000 Hizbullah troops, if not more, are now fighting in Syria. Thus they are concentrated, which makes their destruction easier. Also they are no longer guarding, with full force, their missiles stored in Lebanon.
Israel could call for a mobilization due to perceived threats from Syria. Then it could mount an all-out ground attack on the stockpile of missiles in Lebanon. The Sunnis in Lebanon, including the Lebanese government, would probably stand aside and let Israel solve their Hizbullah problem for them.
Israel could then go east and destroy the Hizbullah troops.
Hamas would stay quiet because it is in Qatar’s interest and Turkey’s interest that they do so. Qatar and Turkey would love to see Israel destroy Hizbullah because that would aid their efforts to bring down Assad.
Obama would like that too. It would take the pressure off the US to act.
It would be nice to get Hizbullah out of the way for when Israel attacks Iran. Saudi Arabia and Qatar would be supportive.
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