Friday, April 26, 2013

French appeals court rules Israel is not illegally occupying land

From Dreuz [in French], 13 April 2013:

"L’occupation du territoire palestinien n’est pas illegal ...L’occupation ne viole aucune loi internationale"

which BING translates to:

"The occupation of the Palestinian territory is not illegal ...Occupation does not violate any international law"

The PLO had argued in a long trial that just ended in the Court of appeal of Versailles, March 13, 2013, that Israel was violating the Geneva Conventions by "transferring" citizens to the territories and destroying property, as well as a host of other claims.
The court ruled, however, that Israel was acting within the Hague Regulations of how an occupier must act...

Going beyond that, the court ruled that the Geneva Conventions and Hague Regulations only apply to states, and to signatories, and the PLO is neither.

" ...First, all these international texts are acts signed between States, and that the obligations or prohibitions contained therein are addressed to States. Neither the Palestinian Authority nor the PLO are States, so none of these texts apply to them.
Secondly, the Court notes that these texts address "the contracting parties", referring to two parties who have signed - and there again, neither the PLO nor the PA have ever signed these documents...."

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