Monday, April 29, 2013

Arabs are waking to Hezbollah's deceit

From Arshaq Al-Awsat (pan-Arab daily newspaper), 27 April 2013, by  Mshari Al-Zaydi:

In Syria, what was hidden has been revealed.
Lebanon’s Hezbollah has cemented the image that some of its supporters in the Islamic world have tried so hard to deny, namely that of Hezbollah as Khomeinist Iran’s iron fist.
...Every critic of Hezbollah, particularly over the group’s ties to the Khomeinist Iranian project, would face counter accusations of being “agents of the Americans and Zionists”.
Hezbollah is blatantly interfering in the war currently raging in Syria, particularly the battles taking place in border villages in the Al-Qusayr region. In fact, former Hezbollah Secretary-General Subhi Al-Tufayli acknowledged that the group is involved throughout Syria.
This is something that Moaz Alkhatib has brought to the attention of current Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, emphasizing the deceit of the “resistance”. He stressed that the “resistance” slogan is nothing more than an empty political mantra that is used for propaganda purposes and to manipulate Arab and Islamic sentiments.
The “resistance” slogan truly is nothing more than a deceit, not just today ...but rather this has been used as a false slogan for more than ten years.
Do you recall how Arab television channels and writers rushed to condemn all those who criticized Hezbollah’s actions in dragging Lebanon into its military adventures with Israel? Do you recall how the Hezbollah media, along with the pro-Assad media in Lebanon, and so-called pro-resistance satellite channels, seemed to join forces to oppose the Arab moderate camp? Of course, this is something that was completely wiped out by the rising wave of the Arab Spring.
Figures like Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal expressed their “understanding” of Hezbollah’s takeover of western Beirut. In addition to this, Islamic figures like Salim Al-Awa in Egypt attempted to promote ties between the Iran, Hams, and Hezbollah camp and the rest of the Arab world. Meanwhile Hamas chief Khaled Mishal bit his tongue and did not issue any statements about Hezbollah’s campaign to intimidate and suppress its political opponents.
It is ironic that Hezbollah, along with the Bashar Al-Assad regime, claim to stand against sectarianism, when in reality they are the ones stoking the sectarian fire.
...Hezbollah has been shown to be nothing more than a mere tool of the mullahs in Tehran, promoting the lies of the “resistance” while condemning all those who have refused to fall for this charade. Indeed, this is an approach that Hezbollah continues to follow today.
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