Sunday, December 30, 2012

In response to legitimate questions, the NIF started a campaign of slander and lies

From an article, 27 Dec 2012, about the the New Israel Fund and its financed organizations' delegitimization of Israel and the IDF, by Ronen Shoval, Chairman and Founder of Im Tirtzu, translated by Eytan Meyersdorf, Im Tirtzu at Bar Ilan:

Every time someone dares to criticize the New Israel Fund (NIF), he presented as an extreme right-wing radical, liar, enemy of human rights, democracy, and free speech. This is exactly the way that the NIF responded to an open letter that Jewish American newspapers published. The letter presented clear facts:
The NIF finances organizations that accuse Israel of war crimes in the operation “Pillar of Defense.”
The letter asked the simple question:
Does the NIF agree with these false accusations? If not, what does the NIF intend to do to ensure that these organizations stop their campaign of delegitimizing IDF soldiers?
In response to these legitimate questions, the NIF started a campaign of slander and lies.

Just like the NIF's previous refusal to take responsibility when its financed organizations provided false testimonies to the Goldstone Report (92 percent of the Israeli sources accusing Israel of war crimes in the report came from organizations financed by the NIF), so too now the NIF is refusing to take responsibility when organizations that rely on their financial aid accuse IDF soldiers and Israel of war crimes.
Within this framework, it is worth mentioning some of the NIF's dealings. It gives millions of dollars to Adalah, an anti-Zionist Arab movement that aims to turn the State Israel into a country of “all its nationalities,” meaning, it aims for the elimination of the State of Israel. Until recently, the NIF supported organizations that promoted the boycott of Israel, and today, it finances organizations that file lawsuits against IDF soldiers and Israeli officials in Israel and throughout the world. It highlights itself as an organization that finances “human rights,” but instead of dealing with human rights, it deals with the accusation of Israel and its soldiers as war criminals.
After the operation “Pillar of Defense,” we hoped to see the NIF learn lessons from the past. We were wrong. The organizations that are supported by the NIF are again involved in the delegitimization of Israel.

Adalah contacted the attorney general of Israel to open a criminal investigation on the suspicion of war crimes, and claimed that operation “Pillar of Defense” was a “serious violation of laws of war amounting to war crimes.”
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel was not satisfied with contacting the attorney general, rather went further and turned to the United Nations and demanded to convene the Human Rights Council. It even accused Israel of “producing a culture of systematic violation of human rights.” B'tselem, Gisha, television networks, and other organizations that receive thousands of dollars from the NIF, joined the “party” as well...

...Instead of slandering and silencing...NIF should take responsibility for its actions and take a historical step back to the Zionist camp long as it continues to act against Israel and the IDF – there will be someone to criticize it.

*Orginial Hebrew article.
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