Monday, August 06, 2012

IDF thwarts infiltration attempt by terrorists at Israel-Egypt border

Egyptian APC captured by terrorist after it exploded in Israeli territory
Global Jihad terrorists operating in Sinai killed 10 Egyptian soldiers, took over two APCs, and attempted to infiltrate into Israel. IDF soldiers searching the areaGlobal Jihad terrorists and Egyptian soldiers exchange fire near Rafah: Terrorists in the Sinai region captured an Egyptian military post new Rafah, killed over ten Egyptian soldiers and took over two armored personnel carriers (APC).
One of the APCs exploded at the Israel-Egypt border and the other APC was attacked by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as it was entering Israeli territory.
IDF Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai clarified that “the IDF is ruling out the possibility a solider is missing or was abducted.” Brig. Gen. Mordechai stressed that no injuries were reported as a result of the fire, though IDF soldiers continue to thoroughly search the area to ensure no terrorists infiltrated via the border or are currently in Israeli territory.
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