Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waves of Freedom

“Aliya Bet,” facilitated the “illegal” immigration of the wretched survivors of the Holocaust into pre-state Israel. For four decades, the role that about 200 North American volunteers played in Aliya Bet has remained one of history’s forgotten chapters. Not until Murray Greenfield’s book The Jews’ Secret Fleet was first published in 1987 did the heroic story of the young American volunteers come to light.

Last year, an hour-long documentary film by Alan Rosenthal called Waves of Freedom, based on Greenfield’s book, retold the dramatic story, this time with actual footage of the events in addition to interviews with several of the participants – not just survivors and volunteers, but also with the British naval officers who worked to stop the immigrant ships.
Follow the link to read about the book, the movie, and to order copies.
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