Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 strikes against Gazan terror groups

Airstrike hits terrorists planting explosives on Gaza border; earlier strikes targeted Islamic Jihad operatives.

Smoke rises after an IAF strike in Gaza [file] Photo: REUTERS

The Israel Air Force on early Tuesday morning struck a terrorist cell which was in the process of planting an explosive device near the border with Central Gaza.
The IAF confirmed a direct hit on the terrorist target. This was the third airstrike in twenty four hours.
Only hours before the latest airstrike, terror groups fired two rockets, one at Sderot and one into the Ashkelon Regional Council area. Neither rocket caused casualties or damage.
Previously, on Monday, the IAF struck targets in the Gaza Strip in a series of airstrikes against ...Islamic Jihad operatives engaged in anti-Israel terror activity.
The first airstrike occurred in the early afternoon just hours after the attack from Sinai which killed an Israeli construction worker...[It] targeted a motorbike, killing two Islamic Jihad men who were part of a terror cell responsible for recent shooting attacks along the border.... both were members of Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades and were on their way to perpetrate an attack against Israel.
The second airstrike took place Monday evening when aircraft bombed a group of Palestinians, who ... were preparing to launch a rocket into Israel in the northern Gaza Strip. Two Palestinians, both believed to be Islamic Jihad operatives, were killed....
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