Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Israel's Top 20 Greatest Inventions of All Time

From JPost, by Abigail Klein Leichman (Jerusalem Post):
Indispensable Israeli inventions are being displayed and demonstrated at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem. 
Israel's top inventions highlighted at the exhibition include:
  1. Netafim smart drip micro-irrigation, 
  2. Ormat geothermal power plants, 
  3. Pythagoras Solar windows, 
  4. Hazera Genetics slow-ripening cherry tomato, 
  5. EpiLady electric hair remover, 
  6. MobileEye safe auto navigation system, 
  7. Leviathan Energy silent wind turbine, 
  8. BriefCam video-synopsis technology, 
  9. Better Place electric car network, 
  10. Intel Israel computer processors
  11. TA Count real-time microbiology detection, 
  12. Solaris Synergy solar panels that float on water, 
  13. HydroSpin internal pipe electricity generator, 
  14. Elbit electro-optic observation system, 
  15. Turbulence interactive movie, 
  16. Decell Technologies GPS and phone-based road traffic information monitoring, 
  17. PrimeSense 3D vision technologies, 
  18. Takadu water utilities monitoring, 
  19. EarlySense hospital patient monitoring, and
  20. Panoramic Power energy monitoring.

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