Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fatah Youth condemns Norway attacks

From Ma'an News Agency (Bethlehem and Gaza), Saturday 23/07/2011:
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Fatah Youth released a statement on Saturday condemning attacks in Norway which have reportedly killed over 90 people.

"It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth 'AUF,'" the statement said.

The Fatah Youth group had taken part in the summer camp in the past on the Island of Utoya, near Oslo, where over 90 people were reportedly killed in a shooting spree on the Island and a bomb attack in Oslo on Friday, news reports said. 

[Note that the (archive) photo shows the Fatah Youth Secretary General meeting a smiling Norwegian Prime Minister at a (previous?) youth camp at Utoya Island with a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Tear Down the Wall" - SL]

"Fatah Youth declares its consternation about the terror attack. There are no words to describe an attack against people that have been our comrades in our struggle ... Very few people have stood by our side as much as the Norwegian people, and particularly our AUF comrades."

"We know those who have been cowardly assassinated. Those are people that have stood for the human and national rights of the Palestinian people both in Europe and while visiting Palestine.

"Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp ...
We hope that those responsible for this criminal terror attack will be brought to justice. Such sick minds should not have a place in any society..."

[I wonder whether these Fatah "human rights activists" had anything to say about the recent brutal Fogel family murders or the ongoing glorification of terrorism by Fatah? - SL]
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