Friday, February 25, 2011

Egypt tries to reconcile 'Twin Terrors' Hamas and Fatah

From IsraelNationalNews, 25 Feb 2011, by Gil Ronen:

The Egyptian effort to mediate between Hamas and Fatah has resumed, Wasel Abu Yousef, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, said Thursday.

Abu Yousef said that senior Egyptian intelligence officer Muhammad Ibrahim will meet the Palestinian Authority senior leadership under Mahmoud Abbas next week, and will also confer with leaders of other "streams and national forces"  in order to end the rift within the PA.

In an interview with Arab news agency, Abu Yousef said that Muhammad Ibrahim's visit to  the PA signals that Egypt has gone back to its role in sponsoring reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.

...Both Hamas and Fatah are terror militias that also have political sections.

Since 1993, Israeli governments have treated Fatah as a legitimate political force, despite the fact that it continues to honor terrorist child-murderers while its subgroups take pride in point-blank executions of Jewish civilians.

Under deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, then-Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman was the person in charge of reconciling the feuding terror militias. Suleiman is now the Deputy President of Egypt but he announced that Mubarak had transferred his powers to the army.

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