Friday, October 29, 2010

Tutu borders on anti-Semitism

From Times Live (Johannesburg), Oct 29, 2010. by Allan Wolman, Rosebank:

...Desmond Tutu's call urging the Cape Town Opera to call off its tour to Israel confirms his agenda of demonising Israel. His stance borders on anti-Semitism... can he deny the lies that he perpetuates when referring to Israel's "fallacious claim to being a civilised democracy". This is indeed rich given the neighbourhood that Israel is located in.

He goes on to claim "millions of citizens are denied the right to education and cultural opportunities in Israel and the Palestinian territories it occupies". How right he is if only he confines this remark to the Palestinian Authority.

I challenge the good Archbishop to deny that Israel practises absolutely no discrimination whatsoever regarding race, religion or creed, something that is enshrined in Israeli law and fiercely protected by an independent Supreme Court.

The tragic truth is that it suits Tutu's agenda to have the Palestinians endure permanent refugee and occupation status.

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