Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christian Dhimmis turn against Jews

From Jihad Watch, 26 Oct 2010, by Robert:

Recently two prominent Eastern Catholic bishops have made statements that are ...contradictory of their earlier statements ....indicative of a larger phenomenon regarding the difficulties that Christians in Islamic countries and non-Muslims in Muslim countries in general face.

Dhimmi 1
In 2006, Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros, Eparch of Newton for the Melkite Greek Catholics in the United States, said:

"the doctrines of Islam dictate war against unbelievers ...the concept of nonviolence is absent from Muslim doctrine and practice ...peace in Islam is based on the surrender of all people to Islam and to God's power based on Islamic law. They have to defend this peace of God even by force."
And yet at the recently concluded Vatican Synod on Christians in the Middle East, he contradicted the teachings of the Catholic Church's Second Vatican Council and echoed Islamic supremacist propaganda by saying that 

divine promises made to Israel according to Jewish and Christian Scripture "were nullified by Christ. There is no longer a chosen people."
Dhimmi 2
In 2007, Emmanuel III Delly, the Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, head of the Chaldean Catholic Church, said this about the Christians in Iraq:

"Christians are killed, chased out of their homes before the very eyes of those who are supposed to be responsible for their safety." In 2008, he said: "The situation in some parts of Iraq, is disastrous and tragic. Life is a Calvary: there is no peace or security... Everyone is afraid of kidnapping."
But on October 15 he said this at the Vatican's Synod on Christians in the Middle East:
"The population of this country, crossed by two famous rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, is 24 million, all Muslims, with whom we live peacefully and freely....Christians are good with their fellow Muslims and in Iraq there is mutual respect among them."
(Quotes from Emmanuel thanks to Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican.)He made no mention of the Muslim imperative to bring about "the surrender of all people to Islam" as being a possible contributing cause in the plight of Christians in the Middle East; instead, he blamed Israel only.

Why these shifts?

...the statements ...are essentially identical to statements that so many Muslim leaders have made about Jews, Jerusalem and Israel. This is the way all too many Middle Eastern Christians have learned to view the world. is a reflection of the situation on the ground in Islamic countries: Christians who don't echo the Islamic political line face hard going.

Also, according to Islamic law, the "protection" contract between the Muslim community and the dhimmis is violated, leaving the dhimmi subject to execution, if he "mentions something impermissible about Allah, the Prophet, or Islam," ('Umdat al-Salik 011.10(5).)

... Christians generally know that if they speak out against the mistreatment to which they are subjected, they will only make matters worse. Historically, dhimmi communities were also kept apart and at odds with one another -- hence the animosity toward Jews. They were communities of fear, living under an ever-ready threat of death if they got out of line. And so mostly, they didn't....
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