Monday, July 05, 2010

Extradition of Zentai should be granted - Justice demands no less

From a MEDIA RELEASE, 5 July 2010, by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry:

[Commenting on a] Federal Court decision on 2 July 2010 concerning Charles Zentai, The President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Robert Goot, said today:

“The Federal Court’s latest finding that Charles Zentai is not capable of being extradited to Hungary is a sad one for the family of Peter Balazs and those who wish Zentai to face his accusers."

“The violent death of the young boy Peter Balazs in Hungary in 1944  ...constituted not only a war crime but also murder. Most civilized countries, including Australia, do not place a legal time limit on bringing murder charges.”

“Hungary is a democratic country with an independent judiciary."

The Hungarian government’s request to Australia for the extradition of Zentai should be granted to allow the Hungarian investigation into the death of Peter Balazs to be completed and, if Zentai is charged, his guilt or innocence to be determined."

"Justice demands no less.”...
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