Friday, February 26, 2010

Hamas mass murderer got what he deserved, all else is trivia

From, February 26, 2010, by Andrew Landeryou:

If Israel brought the Hamas mass murderer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh to justice – and we’ll never whether they did or whether he fell foul of fellow terrorists – then we can only celebrate.

How they did it is a tenth-order issue.

Why they did it is to stop Hamas blowing buses full of school-children, crowded pizza parlours, airplanes and airports, kindergartens and beach resorts.

Kevin Rudd and his blow-dried Foreign Minister Stephen Smith are good men and they have a role to play on the national stage  ...Protecting the integrity of our passports is a part of the job, we suppose.

...Being a victim of a one-off identity theft is obviously not nice. And we can entirely understand the confusion and unhappiness about the individuals in that position. We’re sure not even the knuckle-headed authorities in the Dubai one-man dictatorship will hold them responsible for the death of the Hamas arms-buyer.

But after everyone has had a Bex and a good lie down, then surely the paramount issue is the need for Israel to protect itself from those who wish to terrorise it into madness, blast Jerusalem with nukes and drive six million Jews into the sea.

The world continues to apply a double-standard to Israel.

Where’s the front-page outrage when missiles land in southern Israel? ...

Where’s the Prime Ministerial or DFAT frenzy over the nuclear arsenal being slowly and hopefully incompetently assembled by Iran’s perverted regime? ...

...Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is dead.
We don’t know why he was killed. But if Israel did it, then that’s fine by me. If it had been possible to do so, I don’t doubt the preference would have been to extract him from the one-man dictatorship of Dubai and bring him to Israel to see how many of his blood-thirsty ghoul comrades he’d give up.

If you really believe that the Holocaust ought happen never again, if you’re really Israel’s friend as I’ve seen Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith insist over the years then you might consider that true friends stick even when slight offence has been caused. True friends don’t act opportunistically to denigrate the other. True friends see the big picture.

Whining about identity theft, the integrity of passports and such things is not the act of a friend.

It shows a contemptible lack of understanding about the reality of life in the Middle East and situation Israel is put in by those who seek to destroy it.

...From the comfort of suburban Melbourne, I am in no position to second-guess how the brilliant Israel security forces and services do their work. But I thank God they do. And while debate will rage in Israel about whether operations against scum like Mahmoud al-Mabhouh are worth all the grief, real friends of Israel are just relieved that there’s one less genocidal maniac on the loose.

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Anonymous said...

Israel did not carry out this assassination. It was, a tit-for-tat quarrel that ended very badly, between terrorist organizations. Murder amongst murderers is common.

However, I say, good riddance. It was a power-struggle between criminals and those who criminally carry out crimes against humanity. It is absurd how everyone is so concerned with this, where was the press when Ashkelon, Sderot, and the mass murders of entire families is carried out by terrorists?
The one good thing that is result of this is that Israel now realizes that regardless what it does, it is in the wrong. Therefore, the protection of its citizens is its first duty. Slander, defamation, and Jew-hatred - has nothing to do with anything.