Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tadeusz Pieronek: anti-Semitic bishop and his holocaust-denying friends

THE JERUSALEM POST, Jan. 25, 2010, staff:

[Tadeusz Pieronek: anti-Semitic Polish bishop says] 'Jews exploit Holocaust as propaganda'

The Holocaust only gets media coverage because of affluent Jews' financial backing, military might and lobbying fronts, presenting a skewed version of events to the world, a high-ranking Polish bishop told a Catholic news portal on Monday [25 January, 2010].

Tadeusz Pieronek, a Polish bishop  ...claimed that "the Holocaust as such is a Jewish invention" promoted in the press by Jews to gain support for Israel.

Pieronek told the Web site Pontifex.roma that while the Holocaust was not exclusively Jewish, Jews had monopolized it in lieu of encouraging "serious historical debate, free from prejudice and victimization."

Pieronek alleged that Jews today use the Holocaust as "a weapon of propaganda, used to obtain benefits which are often unjustified," citing as an example the unconditional support for Israel by the US.

"This promotes a certain arrogance that I find unbearable," he said, explaining that Israel was using its position of power and exploiting historical tragedies to treat the Palestinians "like animals."

..."The Holocaust as such is a Jewish invention ... a day of remembrance must also be set for the many victims of Communism, persecuted Catholics and Christians and so on," he told the Web site.

..."The anti-Semitic history of Poland is an invention," he said. "A joke ... offensive to our people."

Although most of the victims of the Holocaust were indeed Jews, many Poles, Italians and Catholics also died at the Nazi concentration camps, he said....

Subsequently, Polish media RZECZPOSPOLITA  and TVP television reported that Pieronek told them that he was "misquoted as saying that the Holocaust was a Jewish invention", but he stressed that talking of the Shoah in the context of the murder of Jews alone is historical manipulation. He also told RZECZPOSPOLITA that the Holocaust has become an idea whose aim is to unite Jewish communities around the world. “It is a Jewish weapon.... ”  he said

Polskie Radio reported Pieronek's claim that "he was misquoted" together with a comment  promoting a book entitled "Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides" by "Thomas Dalton" which is a pseudonym for an unknown "American scholar ".

One quote from that book is enough: "The Zyklon gas chambers did in fact exist, but were used for delousing and sanitary purposes."

The comment on Polskie Radio was posted by Michael Santomauro, a so-called "Editorial Director" of Theses and Dissertations Press, a publishing house dedicated to Holocaust denial. They are forbidden to sell to France, Germany, Austria (article 3h Verbotsgesetz 1947), Belgium (Belgian Negationism Law), the Czech Republic under section 261, France (Loi Gayssot), Germany (§ 130 (3) of the penal code) also the Auschwitzl├╝ge law section 185, Lithuania, The Netherlands under articles 137c and 137e, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland (article 261bis of the Penal Code). PAYPAL has rejected thembut apparently Amazon has no such scruples.

Michael Santomauro describes the "Dalton" book using the exact, same description as he uses for 18 other holocaust-denying books: "... revisionist classic that questions the Holocaust facts in a scholarly and academic and non-hateful and very loving way."
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