Sunday, January 03, 2010

IAF strikes Gaza tunnels

From THE JERUSALEM POST, Jan. 2, 2010:

IAF planes attacked three targets in the Gaza Strip overnight Friday and on Saturday morning, a day after Palestinians fired Grad-type rockets at Netivot.

The IAF bombed a number of smuggling tunnels in southern, central and northern Gaza. ...

...the IDF confirmed the strikes, stating explicitly that the reason behind the targeting of Gaza was Thursday night's rocket attack on Netivot. There were no casualties or damage reported in that attack.

According to Palestinian eyewitnesses, IAF fighter planes attacked an open field near a neighborhood east of Gaza City. Early Saturday morning, IAF fighter planes also attacked an area near Khan Yunis, which is in the southern part of Gaza. No injuries were reported.

Also Saturday morning, Israel Navy ships lobbed a number of shells at several armed Palestinians near the Jabalya refugee camp in central Gaza. No casualties were reported...

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