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Define a new identity that doesn't rely on anti-Semitism

THE JERUSALEM POST, Dec. 15, 2009, by ITAMAR MARCUS and BARBARA CROOK (Palestinian Media Watch):

...The Palestinian Authority depicts Jews as the archetypal force of evil ...responsible for all the world's problems: wars, financial crises, even the spreading of AIDS ...a danger to humanity ...turning demonization of Jews into the basis for Palestinian denial of Israel's right to exist and a central component of Palestinian national identity.

Because of Jews' evil nature, according to this Palestinian principle, nations of the world have been involved in continuous defensive actions to protect themselves. The anti-Semitic oppression, persecution and expulsions suffered by Jews throughout history are presented as the legitimate self-defense responses of nations.

Ibrahim Mudayris, a PA religious official, delineated this ideology:

"The Jews are a virus similar to AIDS, from which the entire world is suffering. This has been proven in history... Ask Britain!... Ask France!... Ask Portugal... Ask czarist Russia - who invited the Jews and they plotted to murder the czar!... Don't ask Germany what it did to the Jews, since the Jews are the ones who provoked Nazism to fight the entire world"

(PA TV, May 13, 2005).

The apex of this Palestinian ideology, and possibly its purpose, is to use this demonization of Jews as the basis for denying Israel legitimacy and to present Palestinians as the ultimate victims. According to this Palestinian model, the Jews, who are said to have no history in the land, would never have considered coming to "Palestine": Europeans created Zionism as the final act in the long series of self-defense measures, to rid themselves of the "burden" of the Jews.

Political commentator Fathi Buzia recently explained this on official PA television:

"Europe, led by Britain, founded Israel... The Jews in the time of Herzl caused European societies to lose sleep. They wanted to be rid of them, and implanted them in Palestine"

(PA TV, June 17).

Dr Riad al-Astal, a history lecturer at Al Azhar University in Gaza, explained it this way:

"In aiding Zionism, Britain's first aim was to be rid of the Jews, who were known to provoke disputes and disturbances and financial crises in Germany, France and other European states"

(PA TV, December 28, 2003).

THIS DEMONIZATION of Jews as the reason for delegitimizing Israel has been an integral part of Palestinian ideology, voiced by political, academic and religious leaders since the establishment of the PA.

Already in 1998 the official PA daily described both Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews and British support for Zionism as defensive measures:

"Hitler did not have colonies to send the Jews so he destroyed them, whereas Balfour... [turned] Palestine into his colony and sent the Jews. Balfour is Hitler with colonies, while Hitler is Balfour without colonies. They both wanted to get rid of the Jews... Zionism was crucial to the defense of the West's interests in the region, [by] ridding Europe of the burden of its Jews"

(Al-Hayat al-Jadida [Fatah], June 12, 1998).

This is not merely incitement; this is the foundation of Palestinian ideology. Israel is denied legitimacy and Palestinian victimhood becomes the foundation upon which a Palestinian national identity is created. Therefore, the Palestinian anti-Semitism construct is so problematic and hard to dislodge. Since the aim of Palestinian anti-Semitism is not merely to promote hatred, but part of a systematic demonization of Jews to deny Israel's right to exist, proving that Jews are evil has become an element of the ongoing Palestinian narrative.

Indeed, even in the period of the Annapolis Conference, the PA has never stopped disseminating a steady diet of hatred of Jews and Israelis. It has accused Jews and Israel of spreading AIDS among Palestinians, causing drug addiction among youth, planning to destroy the Aksa Mosque, and murdering Yasser Arafat. Jews are said to have lived in ghettos not because of European hatred, but because they see themselves as superior and do not want to mix with non-Jews, while the Palestinian chief religious justice recently said that the Koran warns of the Jews' inherently evil traits. Zionists are said to have forced Palestinians to undergo "selections" during the War of Independence, whereby the fit were put in labor camps and the unfit killed - some even burned alive.

All this and much more, since the renewal of the peace process.

The tragic reality is that this Palestinian anti-Semitism and its conclusions may already be ingrained in Palestinian society. During a talk show for teens on official PA TV, a young girl explained the reason Jews live in Israel:

"About the problem of the Jewish presence: You'd agree that the Jewish presence in the land of Palestine was nothing but the liberation of all the countries of the world from the source of evil. The evil that is found in the Jews has become a germ among us, which is a cancer that buried us and is still burying. And we are the ones who suffer from this cancer"

(PA TV, June 23, 2002).

The adult moderator did not correct her. And why should he? She was merely reiterating the basis of Palestinian national identity.

... the goal of PA demonization of Jews transcends mere hatred. Anti-Semitism is its political tool to defame Zionism, deny Israel's right to exist and create victimhood as the glue that cements Palestinian national identity.....

...Palestinians must define a new Palestinian national identity - one that doesn't rely on anti-Semitism and the eradication of Israel's legitimacy as its foundation.


Anonymous said...

Does it really matter any more on what basis the "palestinians" choose to "identify" themselves? They have no legitimate nationhood...And never did. They never did.The sole basis for the hoax of "palestinian" nationhood is their typically Muslim eliminationist ideology.The "palestinian" movement was hatched by the noted Egyptian pedophile,Yasir Arafat & the late Egyptian dictator, Gamal Abd Al-Nasser in the mid 1960's. It's only 'raison d'etre' was the extermination of another people, & the looting of their authentic national assets which the Jews created in their eternal homeland;..not the creation of a viable nation state. As matters stand now they are the demography "that dares not speak its name." amalgam of nomadic ethnicities from all over the Muslim world with remarkably short time lines in "palestine".Indeed, the "palestinian nation" has long been a standing joke on the Arab-Muslim" street.And there is no shortage of scholarly documentation to debunk it...stretching all the way back to the 1930's.But they are surely the most successful & lucrative propaganda scam since the end of WWII.The "night of the long knives" for the "palestine" hoax is close at hand. As is the 'reputations' of their mostly lib-left cheerleaders in the Western world.But what a festival of bloody-minded backsheesh & blood-lust it's all been! Norman L. Roth, Google on the WEB, Norman Roth, Economics

Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot Believe it, but finally "Portugal" is being held up as having caused Harm to its Jews (I am one of those!! Sefardi that is). He forgot to mention that there have been Jewish Colonies along this Western country centuries before it became a "country".
I am happy to finally see this in print - now, what other current (more ot it), BS was being sorted out by the author?

Anonymous said...

"To-day's antisemitism is brought to you by Mahmoud Ahmadjihad" ELDER of ZIYON, June 19th 2010

"To-day's antisemitism" is not entirely "brought to" us by the authentically (throughout the Muslim orient)popular Iranian President.Has anybody noticed the obituary on Jose Saramango? Nobel laureate in literature?. No other 'prize' has a fouler reputation. Unless you think their "peace"-prize" would have been more appropriate.But "plus ca change..". Old-time communist & still clerical antisemite, Sarango, has found another rats' nest to squat in.
The most grotesquely corrupt & lucrative propaganda scam of the last half-century:"palestine"...The demography "that dare not speak its name" It gave Saramango a refuge in his hate-twisted dotage.And an opportunity to hang an equally raddled lib-left logo from the clerical anti-semitic dogma he sucked in with his mother's milk.It's all (1)The "superceding" theology which teaches that Jews ought to be eternal sufferers & homeless wanderers: Certainly not fighters & executors of their own national interests.(2)A Jewish nation governed by Jews in their own interests is unendurable & theologically impossible. The Jews should be crawling on their bellies begging the world to love them. (The reader may fill in his-her own choice of names on that one.) But we,the Jews of the Diaspora should not be so "generous" at Israel with advice, indignation, & 'analysis'. The new strategy of our mortal & unsecretive enemies doesn't stop on the shores of the Mediterranean. It's here on the American continent.
And we are typically disarrayed, unrealistic, bushy-tail naifs who would never dream of organizing & fighting our own battles on our own turf. Instead of vicariously cheering & advising the Israelis from afar.Norman L. Roth. GOOGLE: Norman Roth, Economics or Norman Roth, Markets

Anonymous said...

"Israeli-"palestinian" conflict cannot be solved by unilateral moves": Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Oct. 21 2010
Really Mme. Secretary of State? Unilateral declarations of Independence (or'U.D.I'.s),have been the 'weapon of choice' for most member states of the united nations to coast to instant international recognition: Regardless of their ongoing conflicts with other neighboring countries. Nobody understands this better than the leaders of the P.L.O. and Hamas (a.k.a the Moslem Brotherhood): And America's neighbors to her North, Quebec and Canada. That's why the 'palestinians' and Quebec's democratically elected nationalist leaders in her 'National Assembly'(not legislature},and Canada's Parliament, (a.k.a. separatists or sovereigntists) are watching each other like hawks to see who makes the first "moves". The geopolitical & strategic skills of Quebec's nationalist leaders are perennially underestimated by Canada's media, academic & judicial "elite"..Even now, after M. Gilles Duceppe,the very man who is leading their agenda, recently appeared before that venerable institution which feeds 'State' with so many of its elite officials..the Woodrow Wilson Scholars foundation. M. Duceppe made a perfectly "raisonable" argument to the U.S.A. that she should recognize Quebec when (not if) such a U.D.I. happens...It's almost imminent according to M. in a 'fait-accompli perhaps ? Because it is in America's interests to have one more new & loyal "friend" on America's North-Eastern seaboard..Regardless of how it guts the map of Canada; or how much of a challenge it is to the Monroe Doctrine. Does M. Duceppe know something about the Obama's administration's attitude to such matters ?..That we bushy-tailed naifs in Canada do not? It is common knowledge that Quebec has lined-up most of the u.n.'s member states to bestow upon Quebec, instant majority recognition at the very moment of her U.D.I. This is virtually guaranteed because of Quebec;s disproportionate contribution of officials to the u.n.'s hierarchy over the years. For example Louise Arbour, former Commissioner of the united nations "human-rights" council. Does all this sound vaguely familiar to middle-east watchers ? Who said "East is east and West is west" and "never the twain shall meet" ? What a wonderful 'multi-kulti" connection. Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada, GOOGLE (chrome) on WEB: Norman Roth, Technos: or Norman Roth, Economics

Anonymous said...

Dec. 07, 2010, Robin Shepherd, "Argentina and other Latin American countries to follow Brazil..recognize 'palestinian' state on '1967 lines". See Oct. 21 post above.
There's more to this than meets the eye. Especially for America's neighbor to the north and its implications for one of the cornerstones of U.S. foreign policy, the Monroe Doctrine.The blatant specification of future borders for the increasingly improbable "palestinian" state sets a legitimate international precedent for what can happen in Canada if Quebec follows through on its aspirations for a U.D.I. Especially if the united nations follows through A.S.A.P. This is virtually guaranteed: Because of Quebec's historically cozy relationship with the
u.n. It is common knowledge that most Moslem controlled agencies of the u.n. (e.g. their "human rights council" and u.n.e.s.c.o) are frequently swollen with Quebec donated officials. Moreover, their is no region on the American continent so "sympathetic" to 'palestinian' claims as Quebec. No Quebec U.D.I. makes any sense without the territories North of the Eastmain River..with all its hydro-electric & mineral wealth. Not to mention its potential for holding Canada to ransom geopolitically,by gutting our West-East contiguity from the eastern shores of James & Hudson Bay to the Atlantic.The highly sophisticated & perennially underestimated Quebec nationalist leader,Gilles Duceppe understands this perfectly. And he knows when he can rake-in all his U.N. chips with a territorial fait-accompli.Does the Obama administration understand this ?
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada. GOOGLE on the WEB: (1)Norman Roth, Markets or (2)Norman Roth ON Economics

Anonymous said...

"We're unaware of Cyprus'(Greek or Turkish part?)recognition of 'palestine",Y-net, Jan. 30, 2011
What's next in the 'palestine' recognition game? See Oct. 21 & Dec.07, 2010 posts above.
Do we have to look any further than America's neighbor to the north-east,and 'palestine's' most sympathetic "bon-ami" on the North American continent:The Republic of Quebec[in waiting].Of which Thomas Niles,a former American ambassador to Canada in the 1990's once said:"This is the kind of s..t you'd expect in 'latin' America & the middle-east".But now Quebec's notoriously corrupt legal-judicial community,the most politically "managed" north of the Rio-Grande, has discovered the ultimate cash-cow.Hint:About a week ago, the brother-in-law of Tunisa's ex-president, materialized (magically?)in a Montreal mansion with about one billion dollars in tow. Launching a cascade of rumors about how high up the palms were greased & les poches were lined..Not to mention the sheer quantity of cash laundered in Quebec's direction. He's sure to find lots of legal "talent"
in 'Argentina-north.[1990's role model]:Of a kind he's entirely familiar with.Unfortunately, Pandora's box now has unlimited scope:Because:(1)Quebec has her own 'independent'immigration policy..Not a joke folks!(2)P.M. Harper has declared that the Tunisian brother-in-law is persona-non-grata. (3)Canada's foreign minister has admitted that the brother-in-law has legal "options" to defend his 'refugee status' in his venue of choice .i.e.Quebec's "firewall" of a rogue judiciary:Which now includes 'help'from 'retired' and serving Quebec-based members of Canada's supreme court.At one point in the early 2000's, five of nine of our supreme court 'justices' were Quebecois.And a recent attempt by Quebec's 'strategists' to restrict service in Canada's supreme court to "fluently bilingual"(i.e. French-speaking first) justices was defeated by only the narrowest of margins.[4]Quebec's legal & judicial system is not derived from British-American models.Can other Levantine brothers-in-law be far behind?
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada, GOOGLE on WEB(chrome): Norman Roth, Technos

Anonymous said...

March 16,2011: JIHAD WATCH, "Canadian P.M.& immigration minister slam Israeli Apartheid week"
See Oct.21,& Dec.07 2010 posts & Jan.30,2011 above.
It's doubtful whether the"Anti-Israeli mob" has had an easier & better subsidized ride anywhere, than in Canada:Up to January 2006.
By the way;The greater Toronto area has the largest urban concentration of Moslems on the North American continent:In excess of half a million.The advanced disfunction of certain of their communities is legendary among Toronto's social-housing,welfare,Educational,police & court services staffs.For example:When Nine-Eleven happened,the "celebration" that erupted among Moslem pupils,DURING TEACHING-HOURS,became virtually orgiastic in several large Toronto schools.In late 2006,a Christmas tree was ordered removed from a certain Toronto courthouse because it was deemed to offend the sensibilities of large number of Moslems of East-African origin who were 'regulars' there.Many Islamic causes,especially the "palestinian" one became unchallengeable mascots for Canada's Quebec dominated foreign affairs & united nations staffs.To even notice that "special relationship" invited career ruination to any dissenting colleagues during those years. Canada's longest serving ambassador to the u.n.& the "commissioner" of their universally despised 'human-rights' council were iconic figures.Many of their colleagues still in Canada's Federal government,continue to snipe-away at P.M.Harper's government in order to humiliate & undermine him among the electorate.The official 'leaders' of Canada's Jewish community & media still cannot tear themselves away from their deeply ingrained & self-destructive pandering to the costly dogmas that have served Canada's foremost "community of special entitlement" so well for for so long. e.g. multiculturalism,'human-rights' commissions,[Canada's enforcers of "political correctness"];Endless 'studies'& demands from Canada's race-relations folks,taxpayer- subsidized "social activism"; And begging lib-left pro-"palestinian" clergy to throw a few words of "sympathy" in Israel's direction.In one of the many apprehended Jihadist plots that surface on an almost weekly basis,our P.M.& his family were actually slated for ritual beheading..on the steps of Parliament Hill. Does all this ring any bells in Europe & the U.S.A?
Norman L.Roth, Toronto. GOOGLE(chrome)on the WEB:[1]Norman Roth,Economic theory [2]Norman Roth,Technos

Anonymous said...

" on 'palestinian' state could force Israel's hand..whose territory 'includes' the west bank,Gaza & East Jerusalem".Please read posts of Oct.21,2010, Dec.07,'10 and Jan.30,2011 above.
America's MONROE DOCTRINE is one of the continuing foundations of her foreign policy.It has a direct geopolitical connection with Canada's severally dated "Boundaries Extension Act".It's designed to prevent the creation of a hostile Quebec corridor bisecting Canada's territorial contiguity,from the U.S.border to the Arctic Circle, should Quebec go for a unilateral declaration of independence...from Canada.[U.D.I.]i.e.To all Quebec nationalists,even the softest ones,an independent Quebec MUST include ALL of the territory north of the Eastmain River, Labrador [part of Newfoundland]& all of Quebec's shore along the St. Lawrence, across from upstate New York to Vermont.This analogy with 'palestinian' territorial 'demands' has not gone unnoticed by either the sponsors & mascots of the 'palestinian' cause or the astute leaders of Quebec's Sovereignty movement.After all,a majority of the Quebecois people have consistently supported 'palestinian' aspirations and their plans for a u.n. triggered U.D.I.It would appear that Quebecois lobbyists have finally got some kind of unofficial "green-light" from the Obama administration.After all,Obama never liked any kind of assertiveness in U.S.foreign policy.Especially the Monroe Doctrine.In effect Quebec's timing for HER U.D.I is tied to the "if" and "when" of a 'palestinian' one through the 'good-offices' of the u.n. It's the worst kept secret on the planet. Aaah,or is it Oy-Veh! Such unintended "connections" !
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada
GOOGLE on WEB: [1]Norman Roth, Economic theory,[2]Norman Roth,Technos

Anonymous said...

July 25,2011, "POINT of no RETURN":"palestinians have more restitution rights than Jews".Refer back to:"Does it really matter any-more how 'palestinians' choose to identify themselves"? Dec. 17, 2009 above.
Has the time finally arrived when the most successful propaganda hoax of the last half century should finally be confronted with its own utter lack of legitimacy.Whether viewed from an economic,historical,demographic, moral or legal perspective,it's the perfect "primal material of the negative": Just another facet of the total self-immolation of the entire Islamic enterprise: In plain slight.They never did make a "conspiracy" out of what they are doing. Extermination & unapologetic economic parasitism are part of Islam's core values. They're not being "terrorists" or "extremists" or "dispossessors". [e.g.the fate of the 2600 year old Jewish communities of Mesopotamia,Persia and North Africa..not to mention the Christian communities of those same regions]They're "Doin' a what comes naturally".Unless we subscribe to the Muslim core value that they,ALONE AMONG THE WORLD'S PEOPLE, have no responsibility for the consequences of their own actions: And forget that they failed utterly to take advantage of the nation & society-building opportunities that a near monopoly on cheaply extractable oil afforded them:FOR NEARLY A CENTURY.Their failure is total. And both they & their morally sick,corrupt mascots in the Western world know it.THEY are what THEY are.And can't help themselves. Norman L. Roth Toronto,Canada.GOOGLE on the WEB:
[1]Norman L. Roth, Markets [2]Norman L. Roth on Economics [3]Norman L. Roth, Technos

Anonymous said...

Daniel Pipe's Columns, Aug. 04, 2011, See post of April 05, 2011
Can the threat of the 'palestinian' hoaxmeisters to "declare a 'palestinian' state yet again ",not to mention their "flagrant breach of the [Munich-like] Oslo accords", be turned into their long overdue death rattle ? Indeed, here is one last chance for the hitherto supine Jews of the American continent to make at least some small contribution to this much needed "night of the long knives" for the most successful propaganda & demographic fraud of the last six decades. By pointing out the connection of an inevitably successful bid by 'palestine'for 'recognition' by the 'united-nations',to the strategic plans of the Quebec nationalists. Which would, if successful,split Canada's geopolitical contiguity into two disconnected shards.And put a self-proclaimed "Republic of Quebec" into the same status as the Confederate States of America in April of 1861...a "Beligerent nation in control of its own territory". Keep in mind that the present incumbent in the White House is possibly the only president of the last 2 centuries who would not enforce the Monroe Doctrine..Even if he's even aware of its function.The potential leaders of a nation in waiting are counting on it. This may well be their last chance.Think "It can't happen here " folks? Norman L. Roth
Toronto, Canada. GOOGLE on WEB [1]Norman L. Roth, Markets [2]Norman L.Roth on Economics [3] Telos & Technos

Anonymous said...

May 06 2012, u.n. Watch:
"As much of the world starves,u.n. sends hunger probe to Canada"
Why is no one who is familiar with Quebec's status as an enthusiastic farm-league for u.n.officialdom even slightly surprised? Especially with Jean Zeigler's role in all this? The most despicable of the u.n's agencies [e.g.Its 'human rights' commission,unesco,etc] have always featured a disproportionate number of Quebecois "professionals".The worst,in terms of her knowledge of the u.n.'s role in aiding, abetting & covering-up muslim genocides & lesser horrors,especially [but not confined to] Nilotic Africa? It's LOUISE ARBOUR,an ex-'human rights'commissioner and a former Mme.'justice' on Canada's suprememe court.This lady is a disgrace to humanity. Specialite de la maison? Bottom-filing 'inconvenient' horrors on behalf of the u.n.'s muslim puppet-masters,especially their u.n. mascots.Not far behind her on a very short list? At least two former Canadian ambassadors to the u.n who continue to shill & make 'Taquiya' for their alma-mater.Many of their colleagues know who and what they really are.They would make excellent targets for an international pilot project designed to hunt them down legally and bring them to justice.As u.n officials,these sad hypocrites aided and abetted crimes against humanity on a daily basis:And on a grand scale.
while skulking behind their status as well renumerated and pensioned "leaders" in that organization.They must not be allowed to die peacefully in their beds.Their legacy is unspeakably vile.It continues to be used in the same way by those who made them what they are to-day.
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada. GOOGLE on the WEB: [1]Norman Roth, Origins Markets [2]Norman Roth, Economics theory [3]Telos & technos,book

Anonymous said...

May,26,2013,Richard Pipes:"Obama to
"palestinians" Accept a Jewish state"
Please re-read posts of July 25, 2011,Aug.04,2011 & May 06 2012 above.
It never fails to astonish,just how endemically the most overtly parasitic propaganda & demographic hoax of the last century has acted for so long as a role model for like-minded fools and scoundrels everywhere.And how many zillions of words & images have been wasted on the subject; By reporting the same patterns of behavior over & over again ad nauseam. The so-called "palestinian"-Israeli conflict is simply the microcosm of choice for illustrating the most bloody-mindeded flush into the sewers of history ever observed by so many,"up-close & personal".Made possible by a creative & inventive energy that owes nothing,indeed is incomprehensible to the sterile & disintegrating Muslim Orient. The time has come to unify ourselves in a world-wide strategy to take advantage of this phenemenon,realistically & forcefully. Instead of the incessant hand-wringing, denial & moral cowardice that afflicts so many of us. There has rarely been such a vulnerable and unhinged mass of enemies.Norman L. Roth. GOOGLE
[1]Norman Roth, Economic theory [2]Norman Roth, Origins of Markets [3]Norman Roth, Economics of Technology

Anonymous said...

March 16,2014
'Islam's Inadvertent Patterns' [of behaviour]by Richard Pipes
See July 25, 2011 & May 26, 2013 above.
How many different ways can we rake the same reeking embers over & over again ? What is their left to say about the escalating global pathology of Islam ? If any one of the horrific events that occur on a daily basis in the Muslim world were to occur even once in a generation elsewhere, that society would have to endure eons of self-righteous and hypocritical whining by the same legions of "sometimes useful[& WELL-FUNDED]idiots'; Who scream 'Islamaphobia' or bathe in the sewers of 'moral equivalence' whenever their mascots' irremediable,knee-jerk 'patterns of behaviour' are even whispered about.When will what is left of sane judgement and the instinct for self preservation of their 'host societies' finally assert itself in firm & unapologetic co-ordinated policies ? And follow them up with equally effective,but humane & democratically legislated action? We all know what has to be done. Why wait for the inevitable blowback from within our own 'civilized' societies ? Whose consequences no one can foresee or control.
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada: Please GOOGLE: [1]Origins of Markets, Norman Roth {2} Economic of Technos, Norman Roth {3}TELOS & TECHNOS, Roth

Anonymous said...

Friday June 13,2014, "Three Yeshiva students kidnapped by 'terrorists' in Judea"{i.e. between Jerusalem & Hevron}

See May 26,2013 & March 16,2014 above.
Is there anything more to talk about when it comes to the tediously predictable global behavioral patterns of Moslems? No matter what they look like,what language they speak,or whatever ethnicity they are labelled with at any particular time or place.[e.g.'palestinian';"French" like the slaughterer of May 24 2014 in Brussels;or 'Canadian' volunteers in Syria Afghanistan & the former 'iraq']etc. The individuals who kidnapped these three unfortunate young boys are not "terrorists". They are "inspired" jihadists 'doin' a what comes naturally'. Typical products of proudly sado-masochistic societies.In this particular event,the fate that may await these Jewish children is straight out of Kraft-Ebbing's Psychopathis Sexualis. Extreme psychopathic & criminal deviance by the standards of most civilized societies.But condoned & traditionally celebrated behavior towards the 'enemies of Islam' throughout the Moslem Orient: Inclusive of its 'diaspora' in Europe & the Americas. Just like Taquiya. Let us not forget the Hevron Slaughter of 1929. And the fate that awaits us wherever there are Moslem communities if we do not respond with something more than pleading words & invitations to academic debate.If a strategic Jewish global initiative,tailored to time & place, is not developed rapidly, our enemies will know they can simply continue anywhere on earth with their usual behavior. Regardless of the howls that will come from the usual suspects and their "band of well-funded brothers" [and sisters] among us, we must act now.
What choice do we have ?
Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada {estimated Moslem population,500,000 -600,000}
Please GOOGLE,[1] Economics of Technos, Norman Roth {2}Origins of Markets, Norman Roth

Anonymous said...

June 24, 2014
'TIMES of ISRAEL';An End to the Jewish Blame Game'

Blame and punishment games are hardly a monopoly of the Jewish community.
It's OUR incessant,irrelevant noise that undoes us.Created by the "Uncreative [wo]men of words" among & at us.As the late Eric Hoffer[not Jewish] called them in THE TRUE BELIEVER,[1951]. Nearly two-thirds of a century on,most of THEM have found their way into junk academe & some branch of the media:Or the countless institutes, foundations, centers, projects, units, N.G.Os foundations,'Watches'& self appointed 'International' monitoring groups.Whose abundance & funds exceeds the fleas on a thousand camels.
Hoffer also introduced a very appropriate passage from GENESIS II:"And slime had THEY for mortar".
Very little doubt who 'THEY' are in our present context.It is WE,the feckless Jews of the DIAPORA,not THEY,who should accept the blame & burden for NOT acting effectively against our unhinged, hypocritical & toxic enemies. Free of our blinding & costly addiction to issues & showboat institutions that are useless distractions:And benefit nobody but the self-deluded folk who live off the avails thereof.It is WE who have the skills, resources & organizing power to solve our own problems.Instead of substituting appeals to the 'sympathy' & good-will of those mysterious OTHERS, for the will to act. Only the fools among us can believe that 'THEY' can somehow be 'educated' or talked-into enduring us. Remember
the words variously attributed to
Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Wingate et al: "It's not what the world SAYS.It's what the Jews DO, that counts"; Especially WE,the Jews of the Diaspora. Any takers?
Guaranteed: It'll make us feel good about ourselves & each-other.
It also attracts real comrades-in-arms. Instead of all those mysterious 'sympathisers'.

Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada
Please GOOGLE:[1]Origins of Markets, Norman Roth [2]Economics of Technos, Norman Roth [3]telos & technos, roth

Anonymous said...

"To Our Presbyterian brothers & sisters" by Rabbi Irving Greenberg,Cited by TIMES of ISRAEL, June 26, 2014,
Also Please scroll back to ELDER of ZIYON,June 19,2010,Above,"To-day's anti-Semitism is brought to you by...."

With all due respect, Rabbi Irving Greenberg's verbose tedious,'cap in hand' plea to:
"Our "Presbyterian "Brothers & sisters" would be farcical;If it didn't sound so "sincere".
A decent respect for the sound judgement & instinct for self preservation,of the overwhelming majority of Jews on the American continent, dictates that other voices must be heard and acted upon.The cliché-ridden supine drone of so many like him,[not always clergy]has only served as a stimulus to our adversaries.Truly,the "Point of No Return" is imminent for the somnolent Jewish communities of North America & Europe. We can win
on our own terms,if we wake up & swiftly deploy the great capabilities and human resources that have served us so well in the past:When the odds against us were far greater they are now. Never have we had adversaries who so completely embodied the observation of Euripodes 2400 years ago:"Those whom the gods would destroy,they first drive mad". This includes those,who, however inadvertently,aid and abet them. Norman L. Roth, Toronto,Canada:
Please GOOGLE:{1)Economics of Technology, Norman Roth {2}Origins of Markets, Norman Roth
{3} telos & technos,roth

Anonymous said...

July 13, 2014

Please see my post of Friday June 13,2014.Especially re:"the fate that may await these Jewish children.."
The typical celebrations of these bestial murders have already begun.Among the muslims of Canada & around the world.How typical and expected. Not to mention the wallowing in moral equivalence of those who aid & abet them. e.g. Calls for "restraint on both sides" Really !
We can also expect their usual crop of 'sometimes useful idiots' in junk academe,the clergy & all those hypocritical & well-funded NGOs in countless centers, institutions, foundations & endowments,to proclaim that the "occupied 'palestinians" have no other choice" but to do this sort of thing.Plus a cascade of cynical & ritualistic verbal 'sympathy' and denunciation from the usual sources. No effective deeds or risks required.Perhaps some showy prayer vigils & 'protest' marches or "demonstrations" in the public places of the host societies. But never,never anywhere near THEM'; Or those who aid & abet them.After all, it's Ramadan. And their so-called daylight 'fast' followed by all night gorging,makes them even more unhinged & vulnerable than usual. It's all so predictable. Just like the bestial mainstream behaviour of such a high proportion of muslims: Who flood the media with their gore on a 24-7 basis. The Jews of North America & Europe appear to be the last ones on earth from whom we can expect any natural and spontaneous direct action.
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada.
Please GOOGLE: [1]Economics of Technos, Norman Roth [2]Origins of Markets, Norman Roth [3] telos & technos, roth

Anonymous said...

August 18,2014

TIMES of ISRAEL,"International Criminal Court facing pressure..."
Who gets paid to "pressure" Dr. Dementos like the "International Criminal Court"? Whose members are appointed by the 'united nations' general assembly.This group of "jurists" competes with the u.n.'s ultra-vile "human rights" council,their various 'refugee' agencies and unesco, for championship status in M.I.H.A...moral inverts & hypocrites anonymous. Direct Action Now,by the Jewish communities of Europe,America, Australia etc.against united nations officials,retired & serving,is one of several projects we can undertake at THEIR known addresses in a confident manner.No holds barred. A vigorous counter-propaganda campaign,relying mainly on public IMAGES of our would-be exterminators,THEIR institutions, THEIR well-funded 'useful idiots, THEIR bestial behaviour & anti-human cultures,are the best street-level weapons against THEM.Because THEY provide them.On a daily basis.Name any unspeakable act.They do it.And celebrate the consequences. And THEY defend THEIR behaviour theologically.At home & abroad.
Only OUR will is lacking. But a faint light at the end of the tunnel seems to be emerging. In France of all places.No holds barred action brings authentic allies out of the wood-work.Verbal indignation,legal breast-beating & the verbose hand-wringing of a 'scholarly' victim-mentality, only reinforces an otherwise vulnerable enemy's shaky confidence. Most of a well planned & executed strategy will be very,very, "politically incorrect" indeed.

Norman L.Roth, Toronto,Canada

Anonymous said...

August 31 2014, Please scroll back to: "To-day's anti-Semitism is brought to you by....Elder of Ziyon, June 19, 2010", It's the key to what follows. Indeed it could have been written to-day.

Refer to:COMMENTARY Magazine,"Yale and the Causes of anti-semitism"

Plus ca change...'eh garcons ?
What unites into a solid glob of oily crapolla, the denizens of junk academe,the usual compote of lib-left clergy,diplomatic ensembles,and the countless centers, councils,institutes, n.g.o.s, foundations & 'projects'; whose swarm exceeds the fleas on a thousand camels? Why it's the superceding [or replacement] theology of course. It's a lie with a thousand faces: It can be multi-Religious, anti-religious, marxoid, secular 'progressive', atheistic 'enlighteners',
conspiracy mongers,monetary crackpots of all stripes, B.D.S wankers, illuminati chasers, "activists",'prophetic' soothsayers, purveyors of convoluted economic panaceas; Almost all of them have been loping around the same block for centuries.But now they're all swaddled-up in the same mummy-wrap.
Yesiree guys. Authentic jihad Islam [not extreme,or marginal or deviant, but dominant mainstream ]has a place for all of you. And is willing to pay you for it.Or is "endow" a better term? As if most of you don't know already...Regardless of what collars or headdress you favour. So why not just come out of the closet.It must be getting very crowded inside. Oh, a few words of old-time advice for all the Bruce Shipmans of the world. Regardless of hue, gender, creed, nose configuration or fullness of lip: When you go to dine with the devil, better bring a very long handled spoon.
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada.
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[4]telos & technos, roth