Tuesday, December 08, 2009


From a REPORT ON ANTISEMITISM IN AUSTRALIA, 1 October 2008 – 30 September 2009, RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN BY JEREMY JONES AM, Director of International and Community Affairs, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council and Honorary Life Member, Executive Council of Australian Jewry, TO ASSIST UNDERSTANDING OF ANTI-JEWISH VIOLENCE, VANDALISM, HARASSMENT AND PREJUDICE IN CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIA [previously quoted in this JIW posting]:

...The total for reports [of anti-Semitic incidents for the Year 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009] ...was far above twice the previous average. Many of the reports were of threats and abuse, primarily by email, rather than physical attacks on person or property, but the reports reveal that hundreds of Jewish individuals and organisations were targeted, some repeatedly, by persons seeking to intimidate or harass them.

Incidents of assault, arson attacks, face-to-face harassment and vandalism which are broadly defined as "attacks" were recorded at the third highest rate on record, just below the two previous 12 month periods. The total was more than double the previous average. Threats, conveyed through the telephone, mail, leaflets, posters or e-mail, were recorded at a rate just over three times the previous average and at the highest ever level....
...The receipt of abusive, threatening and other antisemitic email sent to individuals and communal offices was reported at a rate of almost twice a day in the year in review. The total during this reporting period was almost six times the average and sixty percent greater than the previous worst year....
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