Monday, October 05, 2009

Hamas deploys "human shields"

From THE JERUSALEM POST, Oct. 5, 2009, by Yaakov Katz:

The IDF is concerned ...[by a] plan, initiated by Hamas Housing Minister Yousef al-Mansi, under which thousands of Palestinians ...will be housed in temporary structures and caravans along the border with Israel.

The IDF believes that Mansi plans to set up the temporary villages to serve as obstacles in the event that Israel sends ground forces into Gaza. The border villages will also likely serve as cover for tunnels that Hamas will dig under the security fence and into Israel to carry out attacks.

"This is part of Hamas's overall strategy to use built-up areas to hide in and to launch attacks," a senior defense official said. "This basically means that Hamas will want to use the people it places there as human shields against Israel."...

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