Monday, October 12, 2009

Hamas absolutism

From Ynet News, 11/10/09, by Ali Waked:

Mashaal: Abbas leading us to doom
... Hamas head in Damascus Khaled Mashaal accuses Abbas of lying, 'taking bribes from the Americans'

Hamas politburo chief in Khaled Mashaal ...accused the PA of "cooperating with Dayton (the American general who trained the security forces) against us, and is taking bribes from those that wish to force on us policies that harm the resistance in exchange for financial benefits for the Palestinians in the West Bank.

"This is a group that ...cooperates with the crushing of the Palestinian resistance," he said.

...'Abbas illegal president'
According to Mashaal ...Abbas is holding on to his seat in office illegally. "His term ended in January 2009," Mashaal said, after refraining from addressing the matter up until now "so as not to harm reconciliation efforts."

Now, Mashaal claims, "We cannot trust the current leadership with Gaza's blood, as it gives free service to the Israelis, persecutes the resistance and turns a blind eye to settlements.

"How can we believe that it will fight for Jerusalem and the right of return? This leadership must be prosecuted," he said, calling for the establishment of a new Palestinian leadership and the rebuilding of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

..."...the Palestinians must go back to their original demands," he said. "We must say: Palestine from the sea to the river, from the west to the occupied east, and it must be liberated. As long as there is occupation, there will be resistance to the occupation," he concluded.
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