Monday, June 08, 2009

Hezbollah camp loses Lebanon election

From Reuters, June 7:

BEIRUT - An anti-Syrian coalition, known as "March 14," defeated the "March 8" alliance composed of Hezbollah and its allies in Lebanon's parliamentary election on Sunday, politicians on both sides said.

Following is reaction from Lebanese politicians:

We consider that Lebanon is ruled by partnership and whatever the results of the elections are, we cannot change the standing delicate balances or repeat the experiences of the past which led to catastrophes on Lebanon and showed the inability of one party monopolizing power. Whoever wants political stability, the preservation of national unity and the resurrection of Lebanon will find no choice but to accept the principle of consensus.

For March 14, an electoral victory no matter how small the majority or large, means that the basic fundamental principles that have created this movement are still valued by the Lebanese and that this is a vote in favor of Lebanon's independence and that people don't want to see Lebanon continue being a battleground for wars and tensions in the region and the world.

It shows that there was a democratic process, the democratic system in spite of all difficulties we have seen in last few years, the democratic system of Lebanon, is viable and that a large number of Lebanese are committed to democracy.

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