Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why are settlements "an obstacle to peace"???

My opinion:

To assert that settlements are "an obstacle to peace", is to accept as a premise that the Arabs cannot live with Jews.

Actually that's a reasonable assumption in view of the fact that the 22 Arab nations have persecuted Jews since the 1920s and expelled virtually all their Jewish citizens (over 850,000 of them).

That's the real obstacle to peace.

Now they're saying that they can't possibly create a 23rd Arab state until that territory is also ethnically cleansed of Jews. It would be analogous to Israel saying that its 1.5 million Arab citizens are an "obstacle to peace" and should stop having children because they aren't allowed to build more accomodation.

However, the Arabs controlled the West bank and Gaza from 1948-1967. Did they try to create a state there then?

Is it possible that the real agenda is not to create a 23rd Arab state, but to destroy the only Jewish one?

Supporting the call to stop "all settlement activity" in the West Bank is telling Jews there that they can't have children. It's a call for a judenrein West Bank, in preparation for the next move ...a judenrein Middle East ...

The real issue here is the Arab failure to accept peaceful co-existence with Jews ...that's the obstacle to peace, not "settlements".
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