Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hamas fires heavier rockets at Israel

From ABC News, 14/11/08:

Hamas Islamists have fired their longest-range rockets at a southern Israeli city after an Israeli air force attack on their Gaza stronghold, in the 11th day of skirmishes threatening a five-month-old truce.

A statement from the armed wing of the Islamist group said Hamas fired five 1960s-era, Soviet-made Grad rockets at an Israeli town, the longest range weapon they have claimed to shoot at the Jewish state.

Israeli rescue services said five rockets struck the southern coastal city of Ashkelon but caused no casualties. The Grad has a maximum range of 25 kilometres.

...Israel has closed border crossings with Gaza, halting food and fuel supplies to the blockaded enclave, between Israel and Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. ...A senior Israel defence official on Friday said that "due to the continued rocket fire the crossings are shut today... there is no intent to open them today".

...The clashes began on November 4 when Israeli forces killed six Hamas gunmen in a raid to destroy a secret infiltration tunnel and a strike at militants who had fired mortars. Israeli troops killed four gunmen in a raid on Wednesday (local time), and Hamas responded with more rocket and mortar attacks...
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