Thursday, January 31, 2008

'We shot down crusader Howard', says al-Qaeda

The following is from the main article, by Mark Schliebs, January 31, 2008 of a special investigation that uncovers how Islamic extremists are taunting Australians on covert websites of hate. Follow the this link to the portal with the whole series of articles.

AL-QAEDA-linked insurgency groups are cheering Australian troop casualties and mocking the Federal Government for “fleeing like a cornered mouse” from Iraq.

The claims are made in Arabic on secretive web networks bonded by a hatred of the West and filled with images and video clips from warzones that terror experts say are becoming more effective than Kalashnikovs in the modern jihad. A special investigation by infiltrating these global networks has identified jihadi references to the “embarrassing collapse” of the Howard government and cites Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Iraq withdrawal as a “victory”. The investigation also uncovered:

  • STATEMENTS from the Taliban in Afghanistan detailing the deaths of Australian troops just hours after they were killed (Full story)
  • CLAIMS by al-Qaeda in Iraq that it attacked and damaged a helicopter carrying then prime minister John Howard
  • HOW Baghdad Sniper, “Juba”, is driving recruitment through a graphic new video that shows him shooting Coalition troops dead (Full story)
  • VIGILANTES who infiltrate the websites and shut them down (Full story)

“Cornered mouse”

Some of the fiercest propaganda comes from a coalition of Sunni insurgents in Iraq known as the Jihad and Reform Front. In a recent post from “The political office of The Conquerors’ Army” titled “Australia – a new ally fleeing like a cornered mouse”, the group said the insurgents were on track for victory in Iraq. “Today we see the withdrawal of another Christian ally leaving the Americans drowning alone in this swamp,” the statement says in Arabic. “This ally is Australia, and despite the few numbers of soldiers that this country has in the Christian Alliance its withdrawal will be considered an achievement and victory to be added to the numerous victories of the Muslim fighters, praise Allah.” Read full translation here

...t the effectiveness of such propaganda can be seen in public discussions igniting on forums popular with Islamic extremists. A search through one forum registered in Cairo shows a file picture of a visibly dejected John Howard over a derisive post on the result of the Australian election just hours after the outcome was declared. “After a rule that lasted 10 years, Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s government suffered an embarrassing collapse in the Australian elections,” the post says. “John Howard the biggest supporter of America, siding with Britain during its war against what is called terrorism. “What must be said is that the winner of the elections, Kevin Rudd, has promised to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq … that is what we wished would happen.” The forum goes on to deride a list of Western leaders who have made their political exits.

Kevin Rudd’s office declined to comment and Mr Howard has yet to return calls....

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