Saturday, December 02, 2006

PLO: Abbas should resolve crisis

From Ynet News, 2/12/06, by Ali Waked .....

The PLO's Executive Committee called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Friday to exercise his powers in order to resolve the political crisis in the Palestinian Authority.

The Committee had apparently referred to the president's authority to dissolve the government. The Committee also called on Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to resign his post, in order to pave the way for the establishment of a national unity government. The Executive Committee held a special meeting to address the dead-end in negotiations over a unity government, and estimates that such a government is not likely to be formed, given the current situation in the PA.

Committee members said that Haniyeh must resign before contacts between Hamas and Fatah are resumed.

'Hamas behind stalled talks' A statement issued by the Committee declared that the failure to establish a unity government stems from obstacles placed by Hamas, which insisted on having the next government affiliated, predominately, with Hamas. "The organization's (Hamas') demands would not allow for a lifting of the economic blockade imposed on the Palestinian Authority, since there is no clear commitment by the organization to recognize previously-signed treaties with Israel and the Arab peace initiative," the statement read.

...Hamas members accuse Fatah of attempting to stage a coup d'etat against the Palestinian government, while Fatah claims that Hamas was refusing to compromise. "We were willing to concede the Foreign and Finance portfolios, as long as people accepted by the international community are appointed to the posts, in order to regain the financial support for the Authority. But Hamas rejected any compromise, and all they did was try stalling for time," a Fatah official charged.

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