Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lebanon assasination won’t succeed

From the Arab Times (Kuwait), 23/11/06, by Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief ....

PROMINENT Lebanese leaders Saad Al-Hariri and Walid Jumblatt have said those who are involved in the assassination of Lebanese Cabinet Minister Pierre Gemayel have not understood until this moment that the policy of killing will backfire. Those behind the assassination are still unable to understand their policy will only yield opposite results. Their methods have served to unite the people of Lebanon and heightened their hatred towards the perpetrators.

The assassination of the young Minister Pierre Gemayel has brought the Lebanese closer to the system. Pierre Gemayel’s father and former President Amin Gemayel has urged the people of Lebanon to turn the night of the assassination into a prayer night to foil the plans of the killers. In spite of this gruesome event, the Lebanese have not vented their anger or resorted to any uncalculated reaction because they have learnt their lessons well. They are aware of the conspiracy against Lebanon.

Those who are suspected to be behind the assassination of Pierre Gemayel have underestimated the political awareness and psychology of the Lebanese. As a result they have failed to unsettle Lebanon’s internal situation or lure its people to fight with each other. Gemayel’s killers did their best to destroy the independence and freedoms of the Lebanese.

When they saw their policy of killing and vandalism didn’t succeed, they forced Hezbollah to provoke Israel and launch a vicious attack on Lebanon. However, Lebanon survived the attack and currently is in the safe hands of multi national forces. Hezbollah, which used to control Southern Lebanon and act as if there was no legitimate authority in that country, has lost the support of Iran. Tehran is using Hezbollah merely as a bargaining chip to win a deal over its nuclear program. Hezbollah, which has been isolated, will sink deeper unless it agrees to come under the umbrella of the legitimate Lebanese authority.

The assassins of Pierre Gemayel have failed in their evil design. Their followers in Lebanon have also failed to create a rift between the Lebanese and have been isolated from the society. Their memory is so short they have forgotten how the people of Lebanon united in the aftermath of the assassination of their former Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri. Those who want to attack Lebanon cannot achieve their objective because the Lebanese have become more united and the international tribunal to try the people behind the assassination of Al-Hariri was formed on the same day when Pierre Gemayel was killed. Soon we will see the assassins behind bars to get what they rightly deserve.

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