Thursday, May 04, 2006

Merkel backs US on Iran

From The Australian network, May 04, 2006, correspondents in Washington. Source: AFP:

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has said overnight that the United States and Germany were in 'total agreement' on the need to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, after her meeting at the White House with US President George W. Bush.

US President George W. Bush will travel to Germany in July for a summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the two leaders said after their meeting. The meeting, set for July 14, is due to take place immediately before the US president participates in the G-8 summit in St Petersburg, Russia. Mr Bush was to travel during his visit to Merkel's electoral district in the former East Germany, where she said he would have the opportunity to see how 'I lived on the other side of the (Berlin) wall'."

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Atlantic Review said...

Merkel and Bush have indeed demonstrated a remarkable level of unity with Merkel saying: "under no circumstances must Iran be allowed to come into possession of a nuclear weapon." However, she also urged the U.S. not to rush.
She will be speaking at the 100th anniversary gala of the American Jewish Committee.
Merkel's visit to the US is covered in the Atlantic Review, a press digest on transatlantic affairs edited by three German Fulbright Alumni.