Friday, April 25, 2008

Two Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists near Tulkarm

From Apr 25, 2008b, y JPOST.COM STAFF:

Two Israelis were killed Friday morning when Palestinian terrorists opened fire at them in the Nitzane Shalom industrial complex near Tulkarm.

...The gunmen had initially intended to infiltrate Israel but returned to the industrial complex after they were unable to penetrate the security barrier, Army Radio reported.

The two men, in their 50s, were declared dead by an MDA team that was called to the area. They were security guards at one of the factories...

....The Nitzane Shalom complex was built in 1995. It houses nine factories that provide jobs to many Palestinians from the West Bank.

..and from Ynet News by Raanan Ben-Zur*, 25/4/08:

...The al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed responsibility for the attack. A senior organization source in the West Bank told Ynet that the attack was carried out by a wanted Palestinian who had escaped from a Palestinian Authority prison several days ago....

...Ben Zion Gashuri, one of the industrial zone's entrepreneurs, ...explained that a large group of Palestinians entered the area with the Shin Bet's approval, and that the terrorist was among a second group.

Pointing the finger at the IDF, Gashuri said, "Every day some 600 Palestinians come to work here. We have excellent relations with the employees and we provide them with work. This is a failure – someone has forgotten that there are other Palestinians near us."

The "Nitzanei Shalom" industrial zone, where the attack took place, is located near the separation fence, not far from Tulkarem....

*Efrat Weiss and Ali Waked contributed to this report

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