Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hamas: Hundred of thousands ready to become martyrs

From Ynet News, 29/4/08, by Ali Waked:

Speaking at conference in Gaza, Mahmoud al-Zahar warns Israel [that] Hamas has 200,000 suicide bombers waiting to attack....

...During a conference held at the Islamic University of Gaza, Zahar said that Chief of Egyptian Intelligence Omar Suleiman would declare the beginning of a ceasefire if the "Zionist entity" were to agree to it. Despite the ceasefire negotiations, 15 Qassam rockets and 20 mortar shells were fired at Israel on Tuesday.

According to Zahar, if Israel delays in accepting the truce it will pay a heavy price.....

....Zahar hinted that the Palestinian organizations utilized past periods of calm in order to rest and re-arm themselves. He listed Hamas' conditions for truce, which included the ceasing of Israeli attacks against Palestinians, removal of the siege on Palestinian territories, and the opening of all crossings.

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